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About 2nd pension pillar

About 2nd pension pillar

The savings include a part of your social insurance contributions

  • No additional payments need to be made
  • The capital is accumulated exactly for you
  • You will receive the saved funds upon reaching the retirement age as determined by the state

Who are the 2nd pension pillar participants?

The 2nd pension pillar participants are all working persons born after 1 July 1971, or persons who have individually applied for the 2nd pension pillar.

Should there be additional contributions made to the 2nd pension pillar?

The 2nd pension pillar should not be supplemented independently, the savings are made by your social insurance contributions. This year, the amount of contributions to your pension capital is 6% of your gross salary.

How the 2nd pillar pension fund is accumulated and received?

You can find out the amount of your accumulated capital in The State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) or online on latvija.lv. The accumulated 2nd pillar pension can be received when the retirement age set in the country is reached, when you can choose Lifetime pension or add the accumulated 2nd pension pillar fund to your 1st pension pillar.

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You can apply for the SEB 2nd pillar pension plans even if you are not a customer of SEB bank.Latvija.lv logo
This can be done in any SSIA office or online on latvija.lv


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At present, the average amount of SEB 2nd pillar pension participant savings is 2680 EUR*.Latvija.lv logo
Do you know the amount of your savings and whom you trust to manage your savings?

*Average SEB 2nd pension pillar savings on 20.10.2017, manapensija.lv

How to find out the accumulated amount of your 2nd pillar pension?

You can find out the accumulated amount of your 2nd pillar pension in the portal latvija.lv or in any SSIA office.

The amount of your savings is affected by:

  • the contributions made (paying taxes, when you receive your salary);
  • performance of the chosen pension plan.

Find out the most appropriate 2nd pension pillar plan for you!

Please indicate your age

We offer an investment plan based on your age

SEB active plan

  • If more than 20 years are left until your retirement
  • The potentially largest capital increase in the long term
  • Significant fluctuations of the capital may be observed in the short term

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We offer an investment plan based on your age

SEB balanced plan

  • If more than 10 years are left until your retirement
  • Moderate capital increase in the long term
  • Small fluctuations of the capital may be observed in the short term

Learn more about the plan

We offer an investment plan based on your age

SEB conservative plan

  • If less than 10 years are left until your retirement
  • Small capital increase in the long term
  • Minimum capital fluctuations can be observed in the short term

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Choose another investment plan

2nd pension pillar funds are accumulated exactly for you; therefore it is significant to ensure that the selected pension plan conforms to the number of years left to your retirement and the preferable investment strategy.

Number of years to retirement

The more time is left to the retirement age, the higher risk you can assume in connection with the investment strategy of your selected pension plan. If you have more than 10 years until your retirement, any of the active strategy pension plans focusing on higher profit over a longer period of time could be more appropriate for you. If 10 or fewer years are left until your retirement, we invite you to take especial care in selecting your pension plan – probably some of our conservative strategy plans suit you best.

It is not recommended to change your pension plans frequently; however, as the age of retirement approaches, be advised to re-evaluate your wish to assume risks and, probably, apply for a lower risk pension plan.

Investment strategies

Active investment strategy pension plans (investments into shares up to 50% of the total plan investments) are riskier, but potentially more profitable. Conservative strategy plans do not involve investments in shares; therefore they are associated with the comparatively lowest risk, but also potentially lower profit possibilities. Meanwhile, the balanced strategy pension plans (investments into stock markets up to 25% of total plan investments) are the happy medium – their risk level is lower in comparison with the active plans, while having potentially higher profit probability, in comparison with conservative plans.

Please consider the reputation of 2nd pension pillar managers and their experience in operations, because the amount of your savings will depend on these factors as well. The pension plan and manager thereof must be selected responsibly; furthermore, you are advised to regularly follow the performance results of your pension plan. The performance of the 2nd pension pillar plans of all asset managers are available at the portal www.manapensija.lv.

Remember that you are entitled to change your asset manager once annually and pension plan with one manager – twice annually.


Responsible management

Stable management, maintaining and increasing your accrued capital in the long run.

Performance results

Profitability of our investment plans in long term is one of the highest in Latvia.

Added value

More than 30% of SEB pension plan funds are invested in Latvia.


Selection of Lifetime Pension Insurance by mentioning a beneficiary upon retirement makes it possible to bequeath 2nd pension pillar capital to heirs.


Every fourth participant has entrusted their 2nd pension pillar capital to SEB.


We have been taking care of pension savings of our customers for more than 15 years.



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