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Payments with phone – bank card in your smart device

Payments with smartphone enable you to:

  • Make purchases instantly by holding your smartphone close to the card terminal
  • Make payments up to 150 euros in Latvia and abroad
  • Create a digital version of your Mastercard business or private customer card

Payments with smartphone are available to our customers who uses Android devices and the SEB mobile app





Setting up

Payments with smartphone are available to our customers who use Android phones with NFC functionality, SEB mobile app, internet bank and at least one Mastercard debit or credit card. The card does not need a contactless payment function.


Open mobile app section “Cards” and choose a card you want to use for payments with phone.


Press button “Use as a Digital card” and follow the setup steps.


Select the default card that you will use to pay for purchases with a smartphone.


Give the app access to call functionality and wait a while for the creation of the card’s digital version.


  • Make payments just the same as with contactless cards. Unlock your phone’s screen or open the app and hold the phone close to the POS terminal.
  • You can make payments in stores that accept contactless payments. However, function is not available at ATMs (e.g., for cash withdrawal).

If you are unable to make payments with phone, make sure that:

  • You have unlocked the phone’s screen before making the purchase and NFC functionality is enabled in your phone;
  • You have enabled “Paying in business enterprises” functionality for the card’s digital version in the app’s section “Cards” – “Settings”.
  • The payment amount does not exceed the Payment limit set for the card’s digital version.

Payment limits

  • You can make payments up to 25 euros without entering a PIN code. However, mobile app will occasionally ask you to confirm your identity for security reasons.
  • Payments from 25 to 150 euros need to be confirmed with PIN code. You cannot use your phone for transactions larger than 150 euros. In such case you need to use your card.


  • Payments with smartphone are secure solution that meets the standards. To further ensure security you can adjust the payment limits, enable screen lock and set up a strong password, keep your phone’s software up to date and avoid sharing your phone with others.
  • In the mobile app you can choose either manual mode, which requires you to open the app to make a payment, or automatic mode, which requires you to only unlock phone’s screen.


Is the card’s contactless limit the same for card’s digital version?

No. Contactless payment limit only applies to the physical card. The card’s digital version used for payments with phone has a separate limit, which you can set in the app’s section “Cards” – “Settings”.

What happens if I lose my phone that has the digital version of my card?

Contact the bank immediately by calling our Customer centre. Our consultant will block the card’s digital version, without blocking the physical card and it will work as usual. However, if your phone doesn’t have a screen lock, we suggest that you also block the physical card for security reasons to reduce the chance of your card being used for illegal activities

What if I want to use payments with phone not only in SEB, but also in others banks?

The NFC antenna of your smartphone can only be used for payments with one card at a time. In your phone’s NFC settings you can switch between cards from different banks.

What happens if the card, for which I have created a digital version, expires or is blocked?

The card’s digital version will be closed as well. To use payments with phone, a valid physical Mastercard card is required, with a digital version created in the app. To resume using payments with phone, you need to create a digital version of the new card in the SEB mobile app.

What’s the difference between mobile app’s PIN code and card’s PIN code?

To manage settings of the card’s digital version in the app and confirm payments with phone, you need to use the PIN code of the SEB mobile app, not the PIN code of the card.


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