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Claiming for indemnity

What has happened?
What is the cause of death?
What happened and in what circumstances
What kind of injury has occurred?
what happened and in what circumstances
please describe which part of the body has been injured

Information on the application and the policy

Applicant is
Applicant is
Fillable if number is known
If the contract is concluded by the employer

 Medical information 

Doctor, who knows the health of the victim in relation to the accident 

Has there been a need for hospital treatment for more than one day?

Documents attached

Mark documents you will send over
Mark documents you will send over
Do you want to send files encrypted?
After completing the form, you will receive instructions on how to encrypt copies of documents for safer mail.

The documents necessary for the assessment of the insurance indemnity, which you marked, should be sent

Requisites for reimbursement


I am informed that SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE can process data on my state of health, if it is necessary for making a decision on the payment of insurance indemnity or on the amount of compensation. In order to verify the occurrence of an insured risk and the amount of losses, the Insurer has the right to verify the necessary information by requiring information from the state and local government authorities or from other persons, including medical institutions and persons who may have such information. I am informed that payment of the indemnity may be refused by the Insurer in the case of the provision of false information. Detailed information on the categories of processed data, the purposes and timing of processing them, and other data processing related issues are summarized in the Privacy policy, which you can read at customer service locations and at

I commit to keep the originals of the documents attached to the application until payment of the indemnity has been made and submit them at the request of the Insurer. The Insurer reserves the right to request the applicant for the indemnity to appear personally at the customer service center of SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE.

We inform you that the information related to the insurance indemnity will be sent electronically by the Insurer to the e-mail indicated in this application. If I have chosen to use unencrypted e-mail for communication, I confirm that I am aware that the chosen e-mail is not a completely secure communication channel.

In the case that the insured person loses his/her job

Fill in the application for forced unemployment indemnity electronically

Along with the documents confirming the fact of the insured event, upload it using a secure environment for signing electronic documents

Fill in the indemnity application
Attach documents
Upload the application and sign it in the internet bank