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Family plan

  • 5 EUR monthly fee
  • Advantages for all the plan’s members
  • Unlimited amount of current accounts
  • Free transfers in the internet bank
  • Credit and debit card without a monthly fee

Family plan is suitable for you if you are willing to use the opportunities provided by the plan together with people close to you. You can sign up to 5 additional members who receive plan’s benefits, but cannot view or manage your accounts or money. Monthly fee is charged from only one member.

If you applied for a Family plan as a main initiator or someone has invited you to join existing plan, you can send invitations to other participants or accept received invitation in your internet bank.


The Family plan’s 5 euro monthly fee includes the banking services needed for day-to-day payments and more extensive financial management for all the members:

  • debit card’s monthly fee;
  • monthly fee of a credit card (except for Gold and World Elite cards);
  • unlimited amount of transfers to banks in Latvia and Europe (SEPA);
  • automatic payment of e-invoices for timely and accurate coverage of bills;
  • opening and servicing of unlimited current accounts;
  • access and servicing of the internet bank;
  • mobile app;
  • opening and servicing of savings deposit and the opportunity to make savings with the Digital coin jar.

The customer plan agreement lasts for unlimited duration. In case the banking services you require changes after you apply, you can change the plan or cancel it any time in your internet bank without a commission fee or any obligations.

Service Fee
Monthly fee for opening and servicing a current account (unlimited number) Free of charge
Use of one Payment Card during the entire duration of the plan1,2 Free of charge
Transfers from the Current Account, via Internet bank, mobile application and E-invoices:
  • intrabank payments
Free of charge
  • standard SEPA payments
Free of charge
Issuance and monthly fee of the Family Plan3,4 5.00 EUR

1 Plan includes usage of one oldest Payments card without monthly fee.

2 The fee for preparing and replacing of Payment Card is charged according to the SEB bank’s General Price list for individuals.

The Active plan and Family plan additionally include use of all credit cards (except GOLD and World Elite) without a monthly fee for the entire period of plan use.

There can be up to 6 participants in Family plan. Each participant pays for services according to Family plan price list, but there is no additional fee for plan service.