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Customer Benefit Programme


Customer Benefit Programme is a special offer for active users of our bank services, who receive their salaries to a SEB banka account. The programme consists of three different levels that offer various discounts and advantages.

Every customer of SEB banka may become a member of the programme by applying via internet bank or at any branch of SEB banka.

After applying for the programme, the conditions of the level that you conform to shall determine the discounts and advantages of the programme that you will receive. Meanwhile, as your habits of using the services of the bank change, your level of customer benefit programme will change as well.

Apply via internet bank


Advantages for Silver and Gold level Customers:

  • Discounts on certain services of the bank.
    You can find the list of services in the pricelist
  • In-depth consultations of bank experts


Applicable to customers who have applied for the Customer benefit programme as of April 26, 2018.

Programme participant Silver level Gold level
Every customer of SEB banka without conditions
  • Monthly income* on the account starting from 1 000 EUR
  • Customer Plan
  • Monthly income* on the account starting from 1 500 EUR
  • Customer Plan
  • At least one long-term saving product**

* Income from legal entities registered in Latvia.

** Deposits with an original maturity of at least 1 year, the 3rd pillar pension, savings with private insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find out your Customer Benefit Programme membership status at the right side of the main page of your internet bank.

Yes, every customer may apply for the Customer Benefit Programme. Meanwhile the benefits of the Silver and Gold level will be applied as your habits of using the services of the bank change.

The level of Customer Benefit Programme changes depending on the changes in your habits of banking service use: the amount of regular monthly income on the account and the number and type of the banking services used. As they change, your level of Customer Benefit Programme will change as well.

The main advantages of the programme include various discounts on daily banking services and the regular receipt of summarised information regarding news at the bank.

Find out, if you are a Customer Benefit program participant and what are your current level of benefits in our internet bank.

If you would like to take advantage of the Silver or Gold level, please find out the terms and conditions in our website.

Service Standard price Fees for Silver level Customers Fees for Gold level Customers
Monthly service fee for the Customer Plan
Active Plan1 4.00 EUR 3.60 EUR 3.00 EUR
Credit cards
Fee for utilised credit limit for credit cards2 in compliance with the credit line pricelist 21% per year 18% per year 16% per year
Fee for utilised credit limit for credit cards2 in compliance with the instalment pricelist 24% per year 21% per year 19% per year
Mastercard Gold cards:
  • preparing fee
3.60 EUR 3.60 EUR 1.80 EUR
  • preparing fee, if card activated in a bank’s branch or by calling the customer’s centre
5.00 EUR 5.00 EUR 5.00 EUR
  • usage fee (monthly)3
3.60 EUR 3.60 EUR 1.80 EUR
Life insurance with savings (in funds)
Administration costs from contributions to insurance premiums (% from each premium) Up to 1,3% Up to 1,2% Up to 1,2%
Administration costs from savings (% per year) Up to 1,32%,
min 1.95 EUR/per month
Up to 1,2%,
min 1.95 EUR/per month
Up to 1,2%,
min 1.95 EUR/per month
3rd pension pillar
Commission fees from accumulated capital (% annually):
  • SEB-Balanced
1,33% 1,18% 0,60%
  • SEB-Index plan
1,15% 1% 0,42%

The customer pays for other services according to the standard SEB bank’s General Price list for individuals.

1 The Active Plan additionally includes: use of all Credit Cards (except GOLD and World Elite) without a monthly fee during the entire duration of the plan.

2  Mastercard Standard, Mastercard Gold, Mastercard World Elite credit card.

3 The fee applies starting with the second month of using the card.