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Payments with phone – bankcard is now in your smartphone

  • Mobile contactless payments are available for Android smartphones (software version starting from Android 6.0)
  • You can make payments by holding your smartphone over the card reader 
  • The maximum amount of any one payment may not exceed EUR 150 in Latvia and abroad
  • You can make payments by any type of active Mastercard card

Download the SEB mobile app

Google Play link

How to start?

  • To use the new payment method, you need to download the SEB mobile application for Android smartphones
  • Tap the SEB mobile app icon and create a digital version of your bankcard

Contactless mobile payments are offered to private individuals and corporate customers, who use any type of Mastercard that is activate for payments. You may also hold a card without the contactless payment function.

How to pay by phone?

  • To pay by phone, unlock your phone screen and hold the phone over the card reader
  • You can make payments at any point of sale, which accepts contactless payments

What are the payment limits?

  • For payments up to 50 euros you do not need to confirm the transaction with a PIN. However, from time to time, the mobile application will ask for verification of the user's identity with the mobile application's PIN after a certain number of transactions to ensure maximum security
  • If the transaction amount is 50 to 150 euros, you will always have to confirm the transaction with mobile application’s PIN or another security feature
  • Mobile contactless payments cannot be used for amounts exceeding 150 euros. For such transactions you need to use an ordinary payment card

Are payments secure?

  • Smartphone payments are secure. To make your smartphone payments more secure, enable the screen lock, use a password, keep your phone software up to date and avoid sharing your phone with others
  • In the SEB mobile app you can choose one of the two payment methods: a manual mode, which requires to open the SEB mobile app for making a payment or an automatic mode, which requires you only to unlock your phone screen before payment transaction