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Financing up to 20,000 EUR without a commercial or real estate collateral

  • Quick feedback
  • Easy to apply for via internet bank
  • The guarantee issued by the company’s owner serves as a loan collateral

A microloan is an appropriate option for purchasing fixed assets for the business, work tools, equipment and fittings, for financing the repairs of business and production facilities, and for other purposes.

Amount: from 2,000 EUR to 20,000 EUR

Maturity: with a repayment schedule of up to 3 years

Interest rate: starting from 15% with a 3-month EURIBOR

Collateral: the guarantee of the company’s owner

Turnover: at least 70% of company's monthly turnover is in SEB bank

  • A completed loan application
  • A copy of the passport or ID card of the authorised signatory
  • A document supporting the signatory rights
  • The latest annual report with the transcript of balance sheet and profit or loss account items

Step 1. Apply via internet bank or choose a consultation

Step 2. Our employee will contact you

Step 3. Submit the required documents

Step 4. Sign the loan and guarantee agreement

Step 5. The loan will be credited to your account at SEB bank within one working day from the date of signing the loan and guarantee agreements

Services Fees
Revision of the application Free of charge
Processing of a loan, increasing of the limit (% of the amount of the increased limit)1 1%, min 150.00 EUR
Reserving loan resources (calculated in % for the unused amount of the granted loan) 0,5%
Repayment of the loan before maturity (% of the amount repaid before maturity) 2%, min 100.00 EUR
Prolongation of a loan maturity1 0,5%, min 150.00 EUR
Other changes to the loan agreement on the customer's initiative (% of the loan balance)1 1%, min 150.00 EUR

Additional services

Preparation of documents and applications needed for crediting services 15.00 EUR/hour
Preparation of loan agreement and collateral agreements in electronic format Free of charge
Preparation of loan agreement and collateral agreements in paper format 35.00 EUR
Preparing, drafting and approving bank's consents/authorisations and other documents upon the customer's request By agreement, min 70.00 EUR
Printout of information from LURSOFT database (financial statements, full information about the company, etc.) upon the customer’s request 10.00 EUR
(plus VAT 2.10 EUR)
Confirmation of loan issuance By agreement, min 30.00 EUR



1 The commission fee must be paid on the day the agreement or amendments are signed.


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