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Documentary collection

  • A more secure way for receiving a payment
  • Decreased risk arising from international business
  • The buyer has possibility to reduce or to avoid advance payments
  • Handling according to International Chamber of Commerce rules

Convenient settlement method

A documentary collection is a payment form which can be used by a seller or a buyer in order to strengthen their position in a transaction and limit the risk. The seller sends the shipping documents via their bank and the buyer accordingly gets them from their bank after accepting an immediate payment or a term draft. 

Documentary collection is a safe and internationally recognized type of payment – its operations are regulated by rules issued by the International Chamber of Commerce "United Collection regulations" Nr. 522, 1995, version (URC 522).

It is worth to notice that this settlement method neither guarantees timely payment to the seller nor that the buyer will receive goods. The bank reminds the buyer of the payment term and organises a quick money transfer to the seller, however, the bank does not assume a payment obligation.

Documentary collection types:

  • Documents against payment

The buyer will get the shipping documents for the goods from their bank after paying the value of the goods indicated in the documents to the bank.

  • Documents against acceptance 

The buyer will get the shipping documents for the goods from their bank after accepting a deferred payment obligation or bill of exchange in the respective amount. The actual execution of the payment depends on the buyer’s solvency.

Are you the seller?

  • Suitable when you trust the buyer, their solvency and the country of location
  • Destination for delivering goods is outside of Latvia and for its transportation you need to use transfer by ship
  • To start this process, please contact your bank

Are you the buyer?

  • The seller starts the documentary collection process via their bank
  • Suitable when goods that can be stored for longer periods, can be sold easily or can be shipped back
  • Suitable for goods, which purchase documents guarantee ownership rights

How does documentary collection work?

‏‏‎ ‎

  1. The buyer and seller agree to use documentary collection for paying for the goods.

  2. The seller sends the buyer the goods according to the agreed conditions.

  3. The seller submits the shipping documents for the goods to their bank and gives instructions on which conditions the documents can be given to the buyer.

  4. The seller’s bank forwards the documents to the buyer's bank

  5. The buyer’s bank informs the buyer of the reception of documentary collection in favour of the buyer and of the conditions, which enable the buyer to receive the documents from the bank.

  6. If the buyer agrees with the collection conditions, the bank will hand over the documents to the buyer after accepting an immediate payment or a term draft.

  7. Upon immediate payment, the bank will pay the amount to the seller at the release of documents, and upon term draft, on the respective payment date.

  8. The seller’s bank will pay the seller the money at their reception from the buyer's bank.

Service Fee
Import Documentary collections
Handling and payment of documentary collections 0,2%, min 100.00 EUR
Notification of changes to documentary collection/release of documents without payment 45.00 EUR
Export Documentary collections
Handling and payment of documentary collections 0,2%, min 80.00 EUR
Changes to/cancellation of documentary collection 45.00 EUR
Additional services
Processing and forwarding information of financial transactions on behalf of the customer 30.00 EUR
Preparation of agreement and collateral agreements in electronic format Free of charge
Preparation of agreement and collateral agreements in paper format 35.00 EUR
Authorisation to receive goods addressed to the bank 70.00 EUR
Costs of courier services Actual costs
Commissions charged by correspondent and cooperation banks Actual costs
Verification of counterparties involved into deal (applicable for deals with high risk countries)* 45.00 EUR

* In accordance with the bank’s related internal and external regulations at the moment of verification.

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