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Take care of your banking
via a video meeting

It is not always necessary to visit a bank branch, as you can take care of your business and financial matters via a video meeting wherever you are. This convenient option saves your valuable time.


Video meeting
enables you to:

  • open a bank account for your company;
  • get advice on the most suitable solutions for your business (loans, leasing, payment solutions and others);
  • sign agreements;
  • learn how to use your company administrator rights;
  • share your screen to show necessary information to a bank representative.

Video meeting options

Learn how to use your company administrator rights to:

  • register new users;
  • define user rights;
  • change transaction limits;
  • sign documents.

Get advice on the most appropriate solutions for your business:

  • long-term investments;
  • current assets;
  • commercial transactions;
  • car and commercial transport purchase.

Find out how to do necessary things in internet bank:

  • fill in applications;
  • find the necessary information on transactions;
  • repay the credit card limit before the deadline;
  • get answers to other questions.

Fill in application form

We will contact you to agree on time

You will connect to the advisory meeting by clicking on the banner in internet bank

You will need the following for a video meeting:

  • Qualified Smart-ID
  • Web camera and microphone
  • Desktop operating system – Windows 10, 8.1, latest three versions of macOS or Linux
  • Internet browser: Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari 11.1
  • Microsoft Teams app and latest version of Android or iOS, if you will use smartphone or tablet

Digital identification and special security solutions protect your data during video meeting.