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For newly established companies

Open your new enterprise’s account in SEB and gain advantages for you and for your business.

You can open an account remotely – during a video meeting, if you are a private customer of SEB. Apply and learn more.


Start plan – free for a year

For companies established during the previous 12 months:

  • 10 standard European payments per calendar month at no charge (usually – 0,50 EUR/pce.)
  • Free current accounts (usually – 5 EUR a month)
  • Free using of payment card Mastercard Business (usually – 2 EUR a month)
  • Silver level Customer benefit programme for company’s management

Special offers from our partners:




Free online business knowledge platform (LAT)

  • Experience video stories
  • Practical advice
  • Seminars free of charge


For fintech start-ups

Cooperation in creating value to the bank and customers



Starting a business in 4 steps

Registration of an enterprise

To register a company, the founders must submit documents to Enterprise Register (ER), disclosing the principles by which the business will work. It’s not just a formality – if company has several owners, it’s crucial to settle all legal nuances and define everyone’s responsibilities and rights from the outset.

Documents for submission: Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, appraisal report on the property contribution, and a brief notice about company’s legal address.

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Compare business types
Samples of Memorandum of Association
Sample of Articles of Association

Opening a temporary account

To found a company, you must open a temporary account for the transfer of share capital. You can open this account remotely, through applying for a consultation or going to a branch.

Registration in the Enterprise Register

Companies must be registered in the Enterprise Register so that the business is legitimate. Nowadays companies can be founded online – even from home.

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How to register a company remotely?
Registering a LLC
Registering a LLC with no minimum capital requirement
Registering a sole trader

Setting up a current account from the temporary account

After you have registered your company in the commercial register, you can formalise the temporary account as a permanent current account and begin to freely act with the money in the account. Payments account is the foundation for starting a cooperation with the bank.


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