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Cash operations

Service Fee
Cash deposit in EUR (for each transaction)
To Current account at SEB bank 0,5%, min 10.00 EUR 
Cash deposit in coins, over 50 pcs. 20%, min 10.00 EUR
Cash withdrawal in EUR (for each transaction)
Up to 7,500 EUR 1%, min 10.00 EUR
Above 7,500 EUR with a prior notification1 1,5%
Prior notification for cash withdrawal2 15.00 EUR
Above 7,500 EUR without a prior notification3 2%
Withdrawal in coins, over 50 pcs. 20%, min 20.00 EUR

Available only for SEB bank customers.

1 Cash withdrawal for amounts exceeding 7,500 EUR must be notified in writing one SEB banking day in advance before 12:00.

2 When ordering cash, the commission fee of 15 EUR is collected from the customer's account at the moment of order. The commission fee for cash withdrawal is collected upon receipt of the order. If an order is not withdrawn, the collected commission for the cash order is not returned.

3 Cash withdrawals without a prior notice are provided to the best of our abilities. The fee for the cash withdrawal without a prior notice is charged for the total amount payable to the customer.