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Growth program


A business accelerator for ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their business 10x faster

Under the guidance of international and local experts, program participants will develop the most appropriate action plan to:

  • Step out of daily routine and develop their business idea, innovative product, or service
  •  Scale an existing business idea and find new opportunities
  • Adapt their business to new market norms with a focus on innovation

Description of the program (LAT)

Workshops and mentoring sessions



Growth plan development in



Up to



Participation fee



Whom are we looking for to participate?

Small and medium companies registered in Latvia with an ambition to innovate and grow

Companies that have been operating in the market for more than 2 years

Companies whose turnover exceeds 200 000 EUR

2021 program topics and lecturers

Business growth ambitions

How to think bolder?

October 19th | Liene Briede

  • Defining development goals - why and how to think more broadly and open new directions
  • Why small businesses also need to think about sustainability, and what challenges all businesses need to address in the future
  • Where to look for development opportunities and how to set ambitious goals based on a systemic approach in innovation planning
  • Good practice of real development examples

Customer study

How to create a customer-driven quotation?

November 3rd | Slavo Tuleya

  • How to walk client’s shoes: psychographic segmentation, empathy map, list of actions that a client needs to perform
  • Learn what a customer needs and develop a value proposition
  • How to get valuable feedback from customers during bid evaluation and testing
  • Why it is always worth talking to customers


How to create a great customer experience?

November 16th | Liga Letina

  • Design-thinking – The approach of customer-centric solutions 
  • Value of product and service testing and application of test results in practice
  • Prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as prerequisites for testing and cost optimization
  • Evaluate new business ideas, products and services using prototyping and experimentation tools

Marketing and sales

How to succeed in digital environment?

December 15th 

  • Minimum “survival kit” of digital marketing and sales 
  • Key points how to reach and successfully engage the customer
  • Growth funnels – digital strategies and metrics
  • The latest digital marketing trends – success stories and failures

Business model

How to think sustainably?

January 12th | Agnese Alksne

  • What sustainable development means and why enterprises need to think about it now
  • Vectors of sustainable development - environment, social, financial (economic) direction
  • How sustainable development ensures that the enterprise is prepared for future challenges
  • How companies balance profit ambitions, environmental impact, and social impact


How to attract financing for sustainable activities?

January 26th | Anna Magiera

  • Where and how to attract additional financing for business development
  • EU funds, venture capital investors, business angels and other additional sources of investment for small and medium-sized enterprises
  • How to prepare for attracting investment and financing - how to understand the needs and requirements of the investor

Program tools to support your company’s growth

Knowledge and practice

Lectures and seminars

  • 6 thematic public lectures in which participants will be provided with theoretical and practical business knowledge
  • Practical support during 6 seminars for program participants only to help use the knowledge gained in the lectures


Individual meetings with experts and tasks

  • 6 homework assignments and 6 individual meetings with field experts
  • Tasks and meetings with experts will help you to develop and refine your business ideas after the program

Business contacts

  • Connect with other participants and broaden your business network

In collaboration with

The content of our Growth program, mentors and other competencies are provided by our partner Civitta, who is one of the leading management consulting companies in Central and Eastern Europe. One of the most important directions of the company's activity is innovation management and attraction of several types of financing for the implementation of innovation projects. Civitta's experience covers setting up and running acceleration programs, advising more than 500 start-ups on various aspects of innovation management.

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Program graduates


5 graduate companies


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We bring companies, students and science together

Students of the University of Latvia, interested in business innovation, also participate in the Growth Program. In order to develop innovative ideas, the program also provides an opportunity to involve researchers.

Why should students be involved?

  • Students contribute with their own inputs
  • Students help solve time-critical tasks
  • The company has the opportunity to contribute to the development of young people with practical experience


During candidate's selection to participate in the program, SEB keeps the right to give first-hand to own customers, however, it is not mandatory to be a SEB client to be invited to participate in the program. 

The company's participation cost in the Growth Program is covered by SEB.

The Growth Program for companies consists of two parts. Every other week there will be a 6-8 hour long online seminars, as well as work groups led by mentors and industry professionals. During the weeks between online seminars, Growth Program participants will complete tasks that can take up to 8 hours and sign up for individual mentoring sessions with the respective expert/mentor. Participants will be provided with all the necessary materials and information, as well as access to the online tools that will be used to support the program. Throughout the program participants will receive hands-on support from the program’s team. 

When participating in the Growth Program, keep in mind that each team member representing the business will need to devote approximately 8 hours per week to it.

In order to achieve the maximum effect of the program, it is desirable that the company is represented in the Growth Program by a management team or a group of people (consisting of two to five representatives) who are able to innovate and make significant changes in the company.

The goal of the Growth Program is to accelerate the growth of your company, ideally - by ten times in ten years your company's financial performance. As part of the program, you will gain knowledge and practical experience on how to develop a successful, customer-friendly product that is easy to scale in the global market. At the end of the program, under the guidance of mentors and experts, you will develop a 100-day development plan that will become the basis for achieving your goals.

Need advice on the program? 

Contact our Innovation center manager Irena Vercmane by e-mail: or call at +371 2659 1201