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Special offers for newly established companies.


Start plan – 1 year free

For companies established during the previous 12 months*:

  • 10 standard European payments within Europe per calendar month at no charge (usually – 0,50 EUR/ pce.)
  • Free current accounts (usually – 5 EUR/ month per account)
  • Free using of payment card Mastercard Business (usually – 2 EUR/ month per card)
  • An unlimited number of transfers via internet bank within SEB (usually – 0,21 EUR/pce.)
  • No charges for the execution of e-invoices with automated payments to accounts with SEB bank
  • A payment terminal – 1 year without monthly commission fee**
  • E-commerce payments solution – no connection fee

* The special Start plan offer is valid and applies to a company registered in the Enterprise Register during the last 12 months and if the company opens an account with SEB. To receive a special offer for an e-commerce payments solution, the company must apply for the service by December 31, 2023.

** The special offer of the payment terminal applies to one MiniPOS, Mobile POS terminal or Stationary POS terminal device, when concluding a contract for the service for the first time until December 31, 2023. Fees for transactions will be determined in accordance with the signed card acceptance service agreement.

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More about the service plan

If your company has not opened an account with SEB bank yet, we would be pleased to meet you at any of the bank’s branches. The documents required for the opening of the company’s account:

  • Articles of Association or Bylaws (current wording), unless the latest version is available in the Lursoft database
  • A document proving the identity of the representative – his/her passport or ID card
  In force from In force to
Entrepreneur service plan agreement (LAT)  25.05.2018 In force


Service Fee
Issuance and monthly fee Free of charge
Special issuance and monthly fee1 Free of charge
Package includes:
Monthly fee for opening and servicing a current account2 (unlimited number) Free of charge
Monthly usage fee for Mastercard Business payment cards (unlimited number)3 Free of charge
Monthly fee for connection and servicing Internet bank Free of charge
Payments from the Current Account, via Internet bank/Telebank/Gateway and direct debit of E-invoices:
  • payments within SEB bank
Free of charge
  • standard SEPA payments
Free of charge - 10 payments per month;
others - in accordance with the fee for the respective payment in electronic channels

The Entrepreneur's plan is not available:

  • to Non-residents,
  • to Payment and Electronic money institutions,
  • to Crediting service providers.

1 Special issuance and monthly fee is applied if the customer has activated any of these products: Acceptance of payment cards (POS terminal), Loan and e-Link.

2 Upon opening accounts, no minimum deposit is required.

3 The fee for preparing and replacing of Mastercard Business payment card is charged according to the SEB bank’s General Price list for Corporate customers.

It takes only 3 steps to have a simply better banking

Apply for a meeting to open your new company account

Join the meeting via video or at a branch

Sign agreements easily in your internet bank

Starting a business in 4 steps

To register a company, the founders must submit documents to Enterprise Register (ER), disclosing the principles by which the business will work. It's not just a formality – if company has several owners, it's crucial to settle all legal nuances and define everyone's responsibilities and rights from the outset.
Documents for submission: Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, appraisal report on the property contribution, and a brief notice about company's legal address.

Find out more:
Compare business types
Samples of Memorandum of Association
Sample of Articles of Association

To found a company, you must open a temporary account for the transfer of share capital. You can open this account remotely, through applying for a consultation or going to a branch.

Companies must be registered in the Enterprise Register so that the business is legitimate. Nowadays companies can be founded online – even from home.

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How to register a company remotely?
Registering a LLC
Registering a LLC with no minimum capital requirement
Registering a sole trader

After you have registered your company in the commercial register, you can formalise the temporary account as a permanent current account and begin to freely act with the money in the account. Payments account is the foundation for starting a cooperation with the bank.