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Baltic Gateway

Baltic Gateway

New application programming interface to integrate with the bank

  • Direct connection to accounting software
  • Secure data exchange in real-time
  • Convenient and automated way of using banking services

SEB Baltic Gateway is a solution for direct bank and accounting software connection and data exchange. It offers the possibility to get account information, as well as forwarding of payment orders round-the-clock. Baltic Gateway is based on RESTful API-s with XML format messages.

SEB Baltic Gateway services:

  • Intra-day reports to receive real-time account information;
  • previous day (End of Day) account statement;
  • receive account statements for the past 2 years;
  • a uniform technical solution for SEB Latvia, SEB Estonia and SEB Lithuania;
  • sign and initiate SEPA, Instant or international payment orders and receive the status updates on payments directly in your accounting software.

Functionalities in development:

  • receive information about e-invoices and send e-invoices to customers;
  • use identical technical solution and ISO file formats offers to integrate your accounting software with all the Baltic banks of the SEB Group.

To use Baltic Gateway services you need to:

  • have a current account in SEB;
  • sign the Baltic Gateway Service Agreement;
  • implement our technical solution in your accounting software according to the SEB Baltic Gateway technical specification.

In order to use the Baltic Gateway API-s you need below technical set up:

  • a software that can send and receive data in ISO 20022 XML format;
  • a valid transport certificate (public key infrastructure technology - PKI), which ensures the authentication of the customer and the security of the service. More details about acceptable certificates can be found in SEB Baltic Gateway technical specification;
  • in order to use the services with signing (for example payment authorization) an electronic signature issued by the Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) is needed in relevant Baltic country. List of QTSPs ;
  • create requests based on SEB Baltic Gateway technical specification.

SEB Baltic Gateway technical specification

Specification and examples of ISO XML files

More details about technical requirements can be found in SEB Developer portal: https://developer.baltics.sebgroup.com/landing

  In force from In force to
Baltic Gateway service agreement terms and conditions
In force
Services Fees
Direct channel
Sign-up fee 50.00 EUR
Monthly fees for services:1
   •  account statements (except current day) 10.00 EUR
   •  current day statements (real-time account information) 25.00 EUR
   •  payments and/or e-invoices 25.00 EUR
Operator channel
Package 1 – account statements (except current day) and payments:
   •  sign-up fee Free of charge
   •  monthly fee2 5.00 EUR
Package 2 – account statements, payments and e-invoices:
   •  sign-up fee 25.00 EUR
   •  monthly fee 25.00 EUR
Fees for operator
   •  sign-up fee 50.00 EUR
   •  monthly fee By agreement



1 Total monthly fee for Direct agreement depends on which services are selected in the agreement – maximum 60 EUR, if all services from all groups are used.

2 Monthly fee is not applied to clients with SEB service Plans.

Total monthly fee for Direct agreement depends on which services are selected in the agreement – maximum 60 EUR if all services from all groups are used.


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