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Short term travel insurance

Short term travel insurance

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses and costs of cancellation or interruption of travel due to COVID -19;
  • The 24/7 helpline is available in the event of an accident;
  • A convenient and simple procedure for filing claims.

Short-term travel insurance – is intended for a single leisure or business trip, the duration of which does not exceed 45 consecutive calendar days, and no paid physical (heavy) work is performed while travelling.

Short-term business travel insurance – is intended for a business trip to perform paid physical work, e.g., construction, road building, woodworking, engineering, forestry, car service or agriculture, etc. and the duration of the trip does not exceed 45 consecutive calendar days.

To receive an offer, contact or call +371 67094088.

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We provide insurance in cooperation with our partner If Insurance*

It is possible to insure persons up to the age of 75 years. Contact If Apdrošināšana ( or +371 67094088) to insure travelers who are older than 75.

Insurance cover:

  • Medical assistance in the event of an accident or sudden illness while travelling (including funeral expenses abroad; death or disability resulting from an accident; damage, delay or loss of luggage transferred to the carrier);
  • Theft of personal belongings, such as telephone, suitcase, camera theft, etc.;
  • Renewal of identity documents (passport or ID) in the event of theft or loss thereof while travelling, including paid telephone calls related to the issue and receipt of temporary documents abroad;
  • Travel changes – reimbursement of expenses for unexpected cancellation, interruption or delay of travel, expenses for the purchase, return or exchange of cancelled or new transport (plane, train, bus, etc.) tickets, for non-refundable expenses for accommodation; booking, a missed concert or event tickets;
  • Travel changes in emergency situations – reimbursement of hotel, event, transportation (plane, train, boat tickets, etc.) costs if you cancel your trip at the time you are to leave for the trip;
  • Civil liability and legal assistance while travelling.

It is possible to add to the selected risk coverage (package):

  • Higher risk activities;
  • Security when renting a car while traveling.

See more information about risks and coverage in the Internet Bank.


* If P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle (registration number 40103201449), which in Latvia represents If P&C Insurance AS registered in the Republic of Estonia (registration number 10100168). Legal address of the company: Republikas laukums 2A, Riga, Latvia. Company’s websites: https://www.if.lv/ and https://www.if.ee/.

If you need professional medical help while travelling – in the event of sudden illness, injury, or an acute need for dental care – seek the nearest medical facility. In emergencies, contact emergency medical services.

Call If Apdrošināšana immediately: +371 66888833 (for calls from the USA: +18006949470) if the following insured events occur:


If, as a result of an injury or illness while travelling, transportation is required to return to the country of residence.
If the insured person dies during the trip.
In the event that damage to life, health or property of a third party is caused while travelling.

In any case, take care of the documents supporting the fact and amount of the damage, including a written statement by the injured third party or their representatives of the damage incurred. After returning to Latvia, fill in the application online www.if.lv.

If you need legal assistance while travelling, call If Apdrošināšana immediately: +371 66888833 (calls from the USA +18006949470) and fill out the application online www.if.lv after returning to Latvia.

If, on arrival at your destination, you discover that your luggage is damaged, ask the carrier for proof of issue of the damaged luggage. Damaged luggage for which you wish to claim compensation must be retained and photos of the damaged luggage must be provided. After returning to Latvia, fill in the claim form online www.if.lv.

If the delivery of the luggage at the destination is delayed by more than 4 hours due to the fault of the carrier, request confirmation of the delay of the luggage from the carrier. If it is necessary to buy basic commodities (clothes, shoes, hygiene goods), keep the documents supporting the purchase and after returning to Latvia fill in the application form online www.if.lv.

The helpline +371 67338333 is available on the 24/7 basis.

Report the accident to If Apdrošināšana by submitting a claim online www.if.lv or calling the helpline +371 67338333.

Information on the distributor of the insurance product (LAT)

Represented insurer

If P & C Insurance AS Latvian branch, registration number 40103201449, representing in Latvia If P&C Insurance AS, registered in the Republic of Estonia, registration number 10100168 (hereinafter - the Insurer), registered address is Republikas laukums 2A, Riga, Latvia; website addresses www.if.lv and www.if.ee.

Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions No. CA-20202 (LAT)

General Insurance Terms and Conditions for Insurance of Persons No.002 (LAT)

Travel insurance information document 2018/01 (LAT)



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