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Non-cash payment into account

Service Fee
Within SEB bank Free of charge
European payment1 Free of charge
Cross-border payment2 5.00 EUR3
Additional fee for payment from high sanction risk country4 100.00 EUR

The Bank's working time (including the time when receiving of payments are canceled, if it is set at the end of the working day) is shortened by one hour on pre-holiday days.

1 Payments in euro with the commission fee type "SHA" if a correct IBAN of the beneficiary is specified in the payment and the payer's bank is a European bank.

2 Including transfers in foreign currencies from other Latvian banks.

3 A transfer is free of charge if the payment order provides for the commission fee type "OUR".

4 High sanction risk payment fee is applied for transfer orders from countries which under the assessment of the bank are considered to be of higher sanction risk. Full list of high sanction risk countries is available on SEB website: Fee shall be charged additionally to other fees for the payment services as described in the price list.