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Cashback service at store's checkout


Your service, for your customers

When using a card or e-wallet to pay for their shopping, your customers will be able to get an additional service: to withdraw cash up to 100 EUR from your cash register. Your customers will be able to use a Mastercard payment card issued by any bank, provided that the issuing bank has authorised this operation. 

  • This is an important service for payment card users in rural regions where ATMs are not available
  • This service will increase your turnover as customers will have to make a purchase to use it
  • No extra fees for you or your customers

Currently, more than 240 points of sale across Latvia (LAT, PDF) provide this service.

How to provide the service

  1. The cashback is performed together with the payment for a purchase. When paying with card, your customer will name the amount that he wish to withdraw. The minimum cashback amount is 1 cent, the maximum – 100 EUR.
  2. The desired amount of cash will be added to the amount of purchase.
  3. A customer receive a receipt where the purchase amount and the cashback amount will be indicated separately.

More detailed information on cashback service at store's payment terminal in Cashback service instruction (PDF).

It's easy to apply

You can have the service if you use our payment terminals.

Apply via internet bank

Let us know by sending a letter

We will get back to you with an agreement

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