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Contactless credit card Mastercard Business


It checks all the boxes

Convenient way to use company’s money and additional resources with a credit limit, granted by the bank
Useful for everyday payments – fuel, taxi, office supplies or business dinners
Support for your business trips – pay for hotels and flight tickets, book rental cars, purchase vignettes and pay the road tax
Effective several credit cards management - order them for employees and individually adjust limits and allowed transactions

Types of repayment schemes

Credit line

The amount of the credit limit is from 50 EUR up to 200% of your monthly net income.

You may repay the used amount of the credit line to the bank gradually – in the period from the 5th to 15th day of the following month, by repaying only 5% of the used credit limit. 21% interest rate on used credit limit, contractual penalties and late payment interest according to price list are deducted together with the principal.


Interest-free credit card

The amount of the credit limit – from 50 EUR up to 100% of your monthly net income.

You may use the interest-free credit limit free of charge for up to 45 days – if you pay back the used credit limit amount by the 15th day of the next month, no interest will be charged, and the full credit limit will be available again.

Maksājumi ar viedtālruni

  • Maksājumi ar viedtālruni ir pieejami Android viedtālruņiem (sākot no Android 6.0 versijas) 
  • Norēķinieties veikalos, nopīkstinot telefonu pie maksājumu termināļa 
  • Maksājumi līdz 150 eiro Latvijā un ārzemēs 

In case you lost your card

  • Block the card by using either mobile app or Internet Bank, or report this immediately by calling +371 26668777
  • In case you still can’t find your card, a new one can be ordered in Internet Bank for business
  • If you need to make some urgent payments with your card, consider creating a temporary card



  • Order a temporary card in any SEB branch (please, book a visit in advance for your convenience)
  • Withdraw cash from SEB banka’s ATMs using temporary card until the replacement for your business payment card will be issued

Travel insurance for your additional needs

Travel insurance can be purchased with your credit card

Learn more about travel insurance

Services Fees
Fee for preparing Temporary card 10.00 EUR
Cash withdrawal at SEB bank’s ATM 2%, min 1.00 EUR
Cash deposit at SEB bank’s ATM:
   •  up to 6,000 EUR within one calendar month for all customer's accounts Free of charge
   •  upon exceeding monthly credits of 6,000 EUR for all customer's accounts 0,1% of transaction amount

The limit of cash withdrawal via ATMs within a period up to 24 hours for users of Temporary cards is 600.00 EUR

Frequently asked questions

  • With a new contactless card, the first transaction shall be made at an ATM or POS terminal at the merchant as usual – the card must be entered into the terminal and transaction confirmed with a PIN. After the first transaction with the PIN code the contactless function is activated and it is possible to make contactless payments.
  • You can enable (and disable) the contactless function of a credit card in internet bank, mobile application and at a branch.

Contactless payments in SEB are secure. Further security is ensured by the contractual purchase limits and various restrictions, which you can apply depending on your consumption habits.

The card is valid for four years. Upon expiry, we will issue you a new card in advance automatically and inform you about the methods of delivery.

You can assign the credit card monthly usage limit in internet bank for business or in branch and change them according to your needs. Monthly usage limit is the amount, within which it is possible to use the card for payments and withdrawal of cash from ATMs in one month.

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