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Withdraw cash at store's checkout without looking for an ATM

  • Cashback can be performed together with the card payment for the purchase
  • In all shops where the Cashback image appears
  • You can withdraw amount up to 100 EUR – in bills and coins

Not everywhere in Latvia there is an ATM available. For this reason, when paying by card in the shop, you have a chance to withdraw cash.You can perform this action in more than 230 trading places all over the Latvia, for example in many regional gas stations, as well as in regional food shops. For the Cashback service, you can use any SEB debit card. There is no commission fee for withdraw cash at store's.
Branches and ATMs

How to withdraw cash

  1. The Cashback is performed together with the payment for your purchase. When paying with card, name the amount that you wish to withdraw. The minimum Cashback amount is 1 cent, the maximum – 100 EUR.
  2. The desired amount of cash will be added to the amount of your purchase.
  3. Confirm the transaction. You will receive a receipt where the purchase amount and the Cashback amount will be indicated separately.
  4. The commission fee is the same as when withdrawing cash in SEB ATMs.

Find more detailed ionformation on withdraw cash at store's POS in Cash-back service instruction (PDF)

Cash collection service

The benefits of cash collection services:


  • Securer depositing of cash to the account
  • An opportunity to save the costs associated with the handling of cash
  • Time used effectively

Cash collection is a safe and convenient way to deposit cash to your bank account or to receive petty cash. It is used by companies that care about the safety of their employees and the efficiency of their resources.

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