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Forwarding of e-invoices to the bank

Forwarding of e-invoices to the bank

  • Lower costs of invoice issuing and processing
  • Convenient solution for your customers to pay invoices
  • Security, accuracy and timeliness of non-cash payments – a predictable cash flow

Forwarding of e-invoices to the bank is a convenient and effective solution enabling your customers to receive an invoice prepared by you electronically via their SEB internet bank. Your customers will be able to apply for the e-invoice with automated payment service via internet bank or at any branch of the bank, thus the invoices sent to your customers will be paid on time.

How to forward the invoice to the bank?

Via internet bank - by importing a previously prepared invoice file in .csv or .xml format to the internet bank or by creating each invoice individually there.

Via Gateway – by forwarding to the bank a prepared invoice file in .xml format.

What is an e-invoice service ID?

A service-based indicator (agreement number, subscription code, personal code, etc.) for identification of the customer.

How will customers know that they can apply for e-invoices?

The company should inform its customers about this option in its communication channels, such as website, invoices, email, etc.

When will the invoices become available to the company’s customers using SEB internet bank?

The invoices will appear in the SEB internet bank within few minutes after they have been forwarded to the bank, and they will remain available there for 13 months after the invoice date.

What will happen if the customer has supplied incorrect data in the e-invoice application?

If you use Gateway, you can send a message to customers to their internet bank about the provided data being incorrect (ApplicationSeller.xml).

What to do if the company wants to send e-invoices also to customers of other Latvian banks?

In that case you have to enter into the e-invoice forwarding agreements with the banks used by those customers to whom you want to send e-invoices to, or you can use the services of an operator forwarding e-invoices to different banks.

What is the difference between the Web page and the Link giving the access to the details of invoice? 

The Web page/ Self-service portal will take the customer to the company’s website where he/she will have to log in to see the detailed invoice or look up additional information.

The Link will open the invoice issued to the customer.


To start using the service you need to:

  • enter into the e-invoice forwarding agreement by visiting any branch of SEB or contacting client executive;
  • connect the e-invoice forwarding digital channel – SEB internet bank or Gateway.
  In force from In force to
Forwarding of e-invoices agreement terms and conditions (LAT)
In force
Services Fees
Service implementation 60.00 EUR (plus PVN 12.60 EUR)
Amendment in agreement 20.00 EUR (plus PVN 4.20 EUR)
Monthly servicing fee 15.00 EUR (plus PVN 3.15 EUR)
Fee for each E-invoice sent 0.14 EUR (plus PVN 0.03 EUR)
Tailored E-invoice template/changes at customer's request 200.00 EUR (plus PVN 42.00 EUR)



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