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Cash collection service

Cash collection service

The benefits of cash collection services:

  • Securer depositing of cash to the account
  • An opportunity to save the costs associated with the handling of cash
  • Time used effectively

Cash collection is a safe and convenient way to deposit cash to your bank account or to receive petty cash. It is used by companies that care about the safety of their employees and the efficiency of their resources.

To be able to use cash collection services you must enter into a contract with the provider of cash collection services (the counterparty of SEB bank).

SEB bank cooperates with the following providers of cash collection services:

  • SIA Eurocash1 LV;
  • AS G4S Cash Services Latvia;
  • SIA Drošības birojs.

For the provider of cash collection services selected by you be able to prepare the relevant proposal and contract, you would need to apply for receiving cash collection services. You can do it:

Upon completing the application and sending thereof to the provider of cash collection services, the representative thereof shall contact you to come to terms about the prospective cooperation.

Cash collection process is aimed to ensure that handling of your company’s cash be convenient and safe. Using the service provided by the provider of cash collection services, you can specify the time and place of cash collection individually. The collected cash will be deposited to your company account the next working day.

Collection of cash

  1. The customer puts the cash in the cash collection bag and passes it to the cash collector;
  2. The cash collector transports the bag to the cash handling centre;
  3. The cash is counted up;
  4. The money is deposited to the customer’s account.

Delivering of the petty cash to a point of sale

  1. The customer shall transfer the money to the provider of collection services;
  2. Petty cash is prepared;
  3. The cash collector delivers the petty cash to the customer.


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