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Savings deposit


Savings deposit is a secure and cost-effective way to store your company's money. You are always free to add and easily withdraw company money when you need it. Also, you can transfer money into savings deposit as one-off payments, or creating standing orders.

Open saving deposit Interest rates


Savings deposit interest rates

Annual interest of savings deposit (EUR): 2,05%

Valid since 01.02.2024

Interest rates are variable and will be quoted daily.

Minimum balance to receive interest – 0.01 EUR


  • You can make contributions to the savings deposit whenever you choose
  • The term of the deposit is not fixed
  • The number of payments and withdrawals is not limited
  • It is possible to set up standing orders from your current account
  • The minimum deposit amount is not fixed


Service Fee
Funds transfer from Current Account to Savings deposit In accordance of the Uniform Tariffs section "Payments"
Money transfer from a Savings deposit:
  • with a prior request via Internet bank or at customer service point in EUR (The transfer request must be submitted 3 calendar days in advance)
Free of charge
  • without a prior request via Internet bank or at customer service point in EUR
0,5%, min 5.00 EUR

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