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Bonds are a suitable solution for customers who prefer investments with a predictable level of earnings. These fixed-income securities have a pre-defined and fixed interest income (coupons) and a pre-defined maturity term. You can sell bonds before their maturity date. In such a case, the bond price will depend on the market situation existing at the time of the selling and of the level of interest rates



  • Predictable level of earnings
  • You can sell bonds before their maturity date
  • Lower risk than stocks


Pricing of investment products depends largely on the market you are planning to invest in. However, you should consider with the following fees:

  • Securities account opening, which is free of charge in Internet Bank
  • Investment account opening (recommended, not a must), which is free of charge
  • Brokerage fees when you buy or sell
  • Monthly safekeeping fee
  • A financial transaction tax may apply in some countries

Not sure how to start? Our consultants can help.

  • You can consult online via video meeting
  • Review of your financial situation
  • We will recommend solutions based on your situation and needs