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Wealth management

If you are willing to implement your investment goals, it is extremely important to create the finance management strategy acceptable to you. When preparing this strategy, we take into consideration your lifestyle, assets, income, expenses and future plans.

  • Individual investment advice 
  • Discretionary portfolio management 
  • Digital solutions for independent investors 

Investment advice

We start moving towards your investment objectives by preparing a personal financial strategy, analysing your standard of living, assets, revenue, expenses and plans for the future.

Investement advice could be one-time or regular service for those customers who have investment experience and are willing to analyse recommendations of SEB Private Banking experts team and to make their own decisions on strategy implementation.

Identification of your current assets structure
Analysis of your financial goals
Approval of risks acceptable to you
Expert advice according to your individual needs

Discretionary portfolio management

Discretionary portfolio management means the administration of your financial assets and management in accordance with the approved individual strategy, that is pre-agreed with you. The above services are offered to such customers, who entitle financial experts to manage their investments. Based on your goals and tolerable risk, the most appropriate strategy will be selected.

Individual financial management strategy
Decisions are made after in-depth discussions and analysis on a SEB group level as well as between SEB Baltics investment strategist
Professional and quick reaction to unexpected market events
Regular reporting and market commentaries

Investment solutions take into account the aspect of sustainability

Our securities portfolios offered to Private Banking customers are not focused on promotion of specific environmental or social characteristics  or sustainable investments. Nevertheless, we take sustainability aspects into account. In our investment decisions, we consider sustainability risks and consider principal adverse impact according to our Policy on the Integration of Sustainability Risk and Impact in Investment Decisions and Investment Advice (PDF).

Self-service on investments via Internet bank / Mobile app

If you already have the investing experience and are willing to manage your investments independently, please be acquainted with the possibilities of our online services: internet-bank and mobile app.

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