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Калькулятор накоплений на будущее ребенка

Calculate how much you need to save for your child’s future

  • Monthly deposit in savings account
    Monthly deposit must be between 35 and 999 EUR
  • Savings term
    Savings term must be between 10 and 18 years.
    1089 EUR
    Amount saved at maturity
    The final amount depends on deposited amount, chosen life insurance premiums and funds performance.

    With 3% profit: 1489 EUR

    With 0% profit: 1000 EUR

    With -3% profit: 996 EUR

    1000 EUR
    (100 EUR yearly)
    Tax refund amount
    Tax refund amount depends on income and the amount you are already paying in other savings products. To receive tax refunds an application with income data once a year should be submitted in State Revenue Service.
    Total returns: 2089 EUR
    (savings + tax refund)
Calculations were made assuming, that customer is 35 years old, and has chosen Life insurance sum in amount of 1400 EUR. The amount of savings depends on the performance of the fund you have selected. Historical results and / or yields are not a reliable indicator for predicting future outcomes and / or yields and do not guarantee equivalent results and / or yields in the future. Your capital is not guaranteed. This calculation uses the current tax policy and the income tax rate, which may change, according to possible changes in the regulatory enactments. The tax amount to be recovered will vary from case to case. This calculation does not take in account contributions made in other savings products, which could change the amount of tax refund.

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