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SEB European plan

SEB European plan

  • More than 20 years are left until your retirement
  • You expect higher profitability and are ready to assume high risk
  • Investments in shares – close to 50%. The investments are made in European and Scandinavian countries

This investment plan is appropriate for you if

  • More than 20 years are left until your retirement

  • You are prepared to accept significant short-term fluctuations of capital

  • You expect a higher return in the long-term


The funds of the plan are invested in European and Scandinavian countries.
*) at least 50% – fixed income securities
*) close to 50% – equity with growing market value and alternative investments

  Bonds, money market instruments and deposits
  Equities, securities bearing the equity risk

Savings goal

To ensure higher pension capital over a longer period of time by using investments in the equity market.

Asset Manager at IP AS "SEB Investment Management", address: Antonijas iela 9 -12, Riga, LV-1010; holder of funds AS “SEB banka”. 2nd pension pillar investment plan prospectus and the "Fundamental information for participants" document are available under the "Documents" section.

  Profitability of the plan

  Review of the plan (LAT)

Booklet of the plan (LAT)

Basic information intended for participants

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