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Transactions on the internet

Transactions on the internet

  • Pay for goods or services with a SEB payment card
  • Pay for your online purchases directly in internet bank

Today online payments have become a daily necessity. For this purpose, SEB bank is offering a variety of options. We have taken particular care to ensure the security of these payments. Use your SEB payment card or internet bank for your online purchases and enjoy the advantage of the speed, security and transparency of online payments.

Would you like to pay for purchase on the Internet with SEB bank payment card?

  • Arrange your payments without leaving your home – use SEB bank payment cards for various payments on the internet. With SEB payment card you can pay for purchases on the internet safely and conveniently, as well as reserve airline tickets, hotels, rent a car, etc.

Purchase security system 3D Secure

  • SEB bank, as many businesses in the world, for purchases with a card on the Internet use internet purchase security system 3D Secure, developed by VISA and Mastercard, as well as strong customer authentication. Purchases from businesses that use 3D Secure are especially secure and grant special protection of card data in the Internet environment. Sellers who use this system, display VISA and Mastercard logotype on their website.
  • When you are shopping with companies, that use 3D Secure security system, your as card user identity will be additionally checked at the time of purchase: when paying, in addition to payment card data you will be required to enter also internet bank user code and   Smart+ID PIN code or password and access code from code calculator.
    Here you can see, how 3D Secure purchase is being processed
  • If you are not a SEB internet bank user yet but would like to take advantage of secure online payments, submit your application for internet bank – fill  an application form at any SEB bank branch.

Frequently asked questions about making purchases, using 3D Secure system

Many Internet stores and e-businesses today offer their customers alternative ways or payment – making the payment directly on internet bank. It is very convenient – the payment order is already prepared, customer only has to confirm it with SEB Ibank authorization code and the bill is settled.

How to increase account limits, if I need to transfer sum that exceeds them?

You can manually change transfer limits at any time in the internet bank section ”Accounts/Cards – Current accounts”.

If you need limits that exceed 10 000 EUR monthly and 4 000 EUR daily limit, please fill in the internet bank application for limit change.


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Smart-ID is a convenient and secure authorization solution for the internet bank.
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