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Connecting to internet bank

Changing the language

Internet bank is available in Latvian, Russian and English languages. After the first login to internet bank you can choose your preferred language which you would like to use in the future.

You will always be able to change the language to another one under menu Other/Settings, section General settings:

  1. select the preferred language in section “Language”;
  2. Click on “Save”.
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Changing the password

Using internet bank, passwords must be changed after every 100 logins. For security purposes, the new password must not match any of the 13 previously used internet bank passwords. The password must contain at least 9 characters, and it can consist of lowercase letters, UPPERCASE letters, numbers and symbols:! = ? + * - _ .

You can replace your existing internet bank password at any time under menu Other/Settings, section General settings, window Password change.

To change the password:

  1. Enter your existing password;
  2. Enter your chosen new password twice;
  3. Click on “Change password”.
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Connecting with the code card

To connect to internet bank with the code card:

  1. Open the internet bank website ibanka.seb.lv;
  2. Enter your user code on the first window of internet bank;
  3. Click on “Login”;
  4. Enter your password;
  5. Enter the required access code from your code card;
  6. Click on “Login”.

If you enter a wrong password several times consecutively, internet bank will be blocked.

Therefore if you do not remember your password, avoid using internet bank and click on the link “Forget password?” You will receive the renewed password as a text message to your contact phone number.

Connecting with the digipass

With digipass

To Login to internet bank with the code calculator digipass, no password is required:

  1. Enter your user code on the first window of internet bank;
  2. Click on “Login”;
  3. Enter your PIN in digipass;
  4. Enter the number specified in the digipass screen;
  5. Enter the generated access code from your code calculator digipass;
  6. Click on “Login”.

Connecting with Smart-ID (starting from April 1)

From 1 April 2017 onwards we will gradually introduce a new type of authentication to access internet banking – via the smart phone application Smart-ID.

As a result, there will be no changes for the customers using code calculators. These customers can opt to use the Smart-ID application in their mobile phone in addition to the code calculator.

For customers using code cards, there will be no changes until 1 June 2017. Same as before, they will be able to continue to log on to internet bank to view their accounts. However, in the future, using of code cards will only be possible to confirm small payments, whereas larger payments would require authentication based on more secure solutions, such as the code calculator or Smart-ID.

Whereas, as 1 April is approaching, we will gradually contact all the customers using the code cards to provide them with detailed information on alternative authentication means to log on to internet banking. From the mentioned data we will also ask them to choose any of other types of authentication to log on to internet bank

Further information on what Smart-ID is and how it functions is available on the website https://www.smart-id.com

Connecting for the first time

For new users

The user code is a combination of letters and / or digits that you received together with internet bank user agreement.

If the code card and password is an authorization tool for your internet bank, you should change the password when connecting to the internet bank for the first time. The new password will allow you to connect to internet bank hereafter.

If your authorization tool is a code calculator, you do not need a separate password.

Ending work

Upon ending working in internet bank, clock on “Exit” in the upper-right corner, and close the internet browser for security reasons.

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Session length

For security purposes, internet bank has a limited session length, so that an internet bank working session in will end automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Smart-ID – new authorization type

Smart-ID as a convenient and secure authorization solution for the internet bank will gradually replace the code cards.
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