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Additionally for entrepreneurs

It is convenient and financially cost-effective to use banking services via internet bank.

At any time of the day and anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet, you can:

  • Get information about the company's cash flows and payment status
  • Make money transfers
  • Use consolidated payment options to pay out salaries to employees
  • Receive formal electronically generated account statements
  • Connect multiple users with different rights
  • Import and export data files
  • Communicate with the bank easily

How to log in

In the internet bank you have an option to switch from the company’s profile to your personal profile, and vice versa. It is therefore important that each user of internet bank uses his/her personal authorisation means issued to his/her name, i.e., a code card or a code calculator (digipass).

To log in to internet bank, open the website ibanka.seb.lv

Enter the user code and click on “Login”

If you are using a code card as an authorisation means, following the entering of the user code, the next screen will open where you will need to enter your password and the requested code from the code card. Click on “Login” to continue.

If your enter a wrong password several times consecutively, internet bank will be blocked. You will be able to receive the renewed password as the user of corporate internet bank at any branch of SEB bank.

If you are using the code calculator digipass, no password is required. On the next page, you will just need to enter the access code from digipass. Enter it and click on “Login”.

Main page content

On the home page, click on “Main page settings” to select the information that will be displayed on the home page.

For example, you can make a setting to display a summary of your accounts, credit cards with available balances and the type of payment that will adjust automatically to the type of the payment you need to make as soon as you enter the beneficiary’s account number and the currency of the money transfer.

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Shared payment templates

If your company has a number of internet bank users, you will be able to view the payment templates created by other users, which are designed for shared use.

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Payment lists

If you have to make several payments at the same time, use the option to confirm the entire payment list with a single authorisation code. Upon completing all the required payment fields, click on “Save for authorisation”.

You can confirm imported payments from your accounting software with a single authorisation code. The payment list to be confirmed is available under menu “Payments”, section “For authorisation”.

Check the generated payments. If necessary, deleting of items from the payment list is possible. Then click on “Confirm payments”.

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Consolidated payments

For salary payments select the account under menu “Payments”, section “Consolidated payments”, from which you make the money transfer, and enter the purpose of payment.

Please note that the information entered in this field is identical for the entire list of beneficiaries. The consolidated payment can include only payments in euro to accounts with SEB bank and other Latvian banks.

Click on “Next”.

You will see fields where you will need to enter beneficiary data (IBAN account numbers, given names and surnames). At the bottom of the payment list the sum total of the entered payments is shown. Data for 50 beneficiaries can be completed on one screen. If you need to enter more than 50 beneficiaries, place the cursor on the bottom line of the list and press “Enter” on the keyboard.

A screen with fields for the next 50 beneficiaries will appear.

Having entered all payments, click on “Confirm”. Enter the authorisation code and click on “Confirm payment”.

You can view the status of completed consolidated payments under menu “Other/Settings”, section “History”.

It is possible to create a template for a consolidated payment, by clicking on “Add to my templates” on the first screen.

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Assigning user rights

For security purposes, as well as for the effective division of jobs the administrator of your internet bank can assign different rights to each user. For example, the right to use internet bank only in the view mode or the right to make money transfers.

Account statements

In section “Completed statements” such account statements can be received, which are generated for a certain period: one day, one week or one month. An account statement shall be prepared for the specific account for the previously requested period. Changing of the relevant period is possible in section “Regular statement application”. Where the period is changed, the new period will become effective when the previous period has expired (e.g., if the current period is one month, then after changing it to weekly statements, weekly statements will be prepared starting from the following month).

In section “Export”, preparing of account statements in various formats (CSV, txt, ISO, and FIDAViSta) is possible so that they could be imported to different accounting systems. Please also familiarise yourself with the updated instructions and general information about the changes: www.seb.lv/eng/business/online-services/business-internet-bank#instructions

If during the preparation of your account statement export you receive the message “Account statement request for the account No. LVXXUNLA00XXXXXXXXXXX is being prepared, please refer to section “Completed statements” in a few minutes”, it means that there has been a great number of transactions in the selected period, and the system requires extra time to prepare the statement.

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Smart-ID – new authorization type

Smart-ID as a convenient and secure authorization solution for the internet bank will gradually replace the code cards.
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