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Pension savings planner

Savings planner gives you personal pension prognosis and helps you plan how much you should save to get your desired pension.

Your age
Your monthly net salary
Monthly pension you would like to get


Are you II pillar participant?

Your pension result:

  • 0 EUR - Your desired pension

  • 0 EUR - Your estimated pension

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Possible additional savings for your pension

Even starting with smaller savings amounts now will make a difference to your future pension.

Pension savings planner

I pillar give you pension about 0% of your salary. I and II pillar give you pension about 0% of your salary.

Makes sure that you save II pillar in the fund suitable for you.

Saving 0 EUR in III pillar will get you closer to your desired pension.

  • Take a control of your future

    Private saving makes you more independent from social saving system. It allows you to decide when and how you want to retire.

  • Set-up your own rules

    You can start saving by little and increase or decrease payments based on your situation. Saving is convenient and affordable for you.

  • Get extra motivation

    Every year the state refunds tax paid on the III pillar contributions. Use it to save additionally or to cover one-time bigger expenses.


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