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ANNOUNCEMENTS - 2018 02 22 - 12:55

SEB bank's pricelist to change as of April 26

As of April 26, 2018 changes in SEB bank's pricelist will take effect. These changes are mainly related to payment cards, lending and other services. Several commission fees have been removed, a number of new services have been added in the pricelist, and other positions have been updated.

The main changes:

  • commission fees for transfers in internet bank between client's own accounts have been removed as of April 26;
  • commission fees for changes in credit card agreements, if these changes are submitted in bank's branch, are introduced. Fees for changes in credit card limits and card transaction limits are introduced as well;
  • conditions of Customer Benefit programme will be changed, along with discounts available for participants of the programme;
  • ATMs of DNB bank are excluded from the SEB's 'friendly ATM network';
  • monthly and yearly fees for using individual safe deposit boxes will be changed;
  • fees for preparation of documents in cases if a loan with a real-estate collateral is refinanced to another credit institution, the collateral is sold or the client wishes to make some other changes;
  • commission fees for processing transactions with cheques are changed, and a new service is introduced: processing of securities-related optional events;
  • monthly account servicing fee for payment and electronic money institutions is changed, and a restriction for providers of lending services to use Entrepreneur Service plans is introduced;
  • commission fees for initial review of documents for opening an account for non-resident legal entities and resident legal entities where ID of the owner, real beneficiary or signatory person is issued outside the EEZ;
  • commission fees for printing and approving payment orders are changed;
  • some services have been excluded from the pricelist, such as cash deposits in 3rd level pension plan or life insurance with savings policy.

Changes in the pricelist are aimed at motivating clients to choose SEB as their main financial partner and fully utilize bank's services, which are available in the internet bank and other electronic channels. These changes objectively reflect those resources, which the bank has to invest to deliver its services: time, specific knowledge, third-party costs, balance of risks and other expenses.

Detailed information about changes in SEB bank's pricelist

Terms and conditions of Customer Benefit programme (in Latvian)



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