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Everything needed for your child’s first steps in the world of finances

Book a meeting until 31.10 to open an account your child and to get everything needed for your child’s daily finances for free– contactless payment card, an account with unlimited amount of free transactions until the age of 18. The meeting can take place after 31.10.

*Replacement of the card after the expiration date or in case of loss - for the standard price list fee, which currently is 1.2 euros.

Junior plan for your child

Payment card without usage fee

An account with unlimited amount of free transactions to any bank in Latvia

Modern mobile app to keep track on finances and use the money request function to ask parents for extra money when needed


Your benefits of opening an account for your child in SEB:

  • Create a standing order and no longer worry about your child’s pocket money
  • See how your child uses the pocket money
  • Transfer money to child’s account in just a few seconds
  • The child learns how to manage their finances independently

Savings that will help you leap in the future

Start to create savings for child's future until 31 October 2020 and receive a special offer for health checks.

Open an account for your child and receive a Junior plan:


Book the exact date and time of the branch visit in the online form below: enter your details, choose a branch that is convenient for you and service type "Become a customer”.


Go to the branch at the appointed time:

  • If your child is 7-15 years old, bring your and your child’s passport or ID card (if your passport doesn’t have an entry about children, birth certificate is required).
  • 16 to 17 year olds can visit branch by themselves.

Open an account, enable the internet bank and apply for Mastercard payment card with contactless function


Receive the card by post.


Appointment reservation


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