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Accident insurance

Accident insurance

  • The insurance is valid for one year and takes effect the day after the policy payment is made
  • The insurance is valid globally

You can apply for accident insurance via internet bank or at any branch of SEB bank. For more information, you can apply for a consultation by a SEB bank specialist.

Validity of insurance

One year

You can buy accident insurance policy for one year, as well as extend it automatically for another year or several years.

The insurance policy shall enter into force on the next day after entering into the contract.

Territory of insurance

Global coverage

Preconditions for acquiring insurance

To apply for accident insurance, you must be the customer of SEB bank with a current account with SEB bank.

You can take out insurance for your family members or friends if they are SEB bank customers.

How to apply for accident insurance?

Via internet bank

Fill in the application form.

At the branch of SEB bank

Additional information

We offer accident insurance in cooperation with SEB Life and Pension Baltic SE.


How to receive an insurance indemnity? 

What should be done when an insurance event occurs?

More information about the necessary documents is available in the terms and conditions of the accident insurance contract.

Indemnity will be paid no later than 30 days from the date of submission of the claim application and the relevant documents.

What documents are required to file the claim application?

Documents to be submitted: the claim application, medical documents (an extract from the medical card of the patient of the outpatient department and/or hospital)/in case of disability - documents that confirm the disability in accordance with the procedure laid down in the laws of the Republic of Latvia, the cause and severity of the disability/in the event of death – a copy of the death certificate, presenting of the original will be required. If documents are submitted by heirs – presenting of the document confirming the right to inheritance would be required.

Risks insured under the policy and the amount of the indemnity

Insured risks:

  • Insurance in the event of death – 3 500 EUR;
  • Incapacity in the event of a severe injury – 3 500 EUR;
  • Bone fracture – 1 500 EUR.

The amount of the indemnity:

1. Incapacity in the event of a severe injury

Nervous system damage
The indemnity will be paid for the most severe injury:
1 Partial loss of the ability to move an arm or a leg


2 Immobility of an arm or a leg 50%
3 Immobility of one side of the body 100%
4 Immobility of both arms and legs 100%
Upper limbs
Indemnity will be paid for the most severe injury:
1 Loss of one hand


2 Loss of a forearm 80%
3 Loss of a wrist 60%
4 Loss of one finger of the palm 10%
Lower limbs
Indemnity for one leg will be paid for the most severe injury:
1 Loss of a thigh


2 Loss of a lower leg 80%
3 Loss of a foot 60%
4 Loss of one finger of the foot 10%
Sensory organs
1 Loss of eyesight in one eye


2 Complete loss of hearing 80%
3 Loss of the ability to speak 80%

2. In the event of bone fractures

Bone fractures
1 Skull bone fracture (except for the fractures of the nose, forehead, jaw or cheek bones)


2 Pelvic bone fracture 80%
3 Spine vertebra, sacral fractures 25%
4 Upper arm bone fracture 20%
5 Forearm, wrist bone fractures 10%
6 Shin bone fracture 20%
7 Shin bone, knee vertebra, lumbar bone ankle joint fractures 10%
8 Other fractures, complete loss of a tooth 5%
  In force from In force to
Accident insurance agreement terms and conditions (LAT)
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Insurance service information document (LAT)
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Life and accident insurance claim application (LAT)
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Services Fees
Accident insurance (per year) 5.00 EUR



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