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Secure transactions and customer identification on the internet

  • e-Payments – for making secure and fast transactions on your company's web site, using internet bank
  • e-Identification – for secure client identification on your company's web page

e-Link service grants SEB internet bank's online link with a company and is designed for all internet stores and companies in Latvia that are offering their clients secure payments for services online or companies that would like to identify customers, using internet bank authorisation tools.

e-Payments is the most convenient and modern way to make payments on internet bank directly from your company's web site. Transactions are performed, using SEB internet bank that guarantees security and speed.

With e-Payment

  • You can easily and quickly identify your transaction partners.
  • You can receive bank information about approval/denial of execution of the payment order immediately.
  • Money for the transaction will be transferred to your company within several minutes.
  • You can automatically get a bank guarantee about the transactions, as payments get instantly checked at internet bank.
  • The number of your company's potential clients will grow, as payments through internet bank are convenient, quick and secure, and any internet bank user will be able to make payments on your company website.

How is e-Payment performed?

  1. Customer chooses a product or service and indicates SEB internet bank as means of payment.
  2. Company automatically sends information about purchase to SEB bank, where it checks electronic signature and prepares bill.
  3. Internet bank web page opens on customer's computer and, after signing-in, the client receives already filled-out payment order.
  4. Client confirms the payment order with authorization code and the bill is settled.
  5. Bank sends information about the successful payment to the company and transfers money into company's account.
  6. Company informs the client about successful purchase.

e-Identification provides a possibility for your company to identify the client on its web page. This type of identification is secure, because company customers, by performing identification, enter their personal internet bank user code and access code.

Advantages of e-Identification

  • Your company does not need to keep additional customer identification system.
  • The number of potential clients for your company is increasing: any internet bank user can easily authorize on your web site, as well as information about your company is published on internet bank and the client from internet bank can access your company web page without separate authorization.
  • Customers can easily authorize themselves because they do not need to remember additional passwords or client ID numbers.
  • Customer information is being sent through secure channels – the bank sends client data to the company in accordance with data protection law, therefore there are no concerns that the information can become available to unauthorized persons.

How is e-Identification performed?

Customer identification on your company web page is performed through SEB internet bank.

Client identification on your company web site is performed through SEB Ibank.

1. The customer (SEB internet bank user), by visiting your company's web site, chooses access to web page's protected information section with the help of SEB internet bank (enters own user code as well as access code from Smart-ID or code calculator).

2.1. The company automatically sends to SEB a request of e-Identification.

2.2. Simultaneously the customer is automatically identified as SEB internet bank user.

3. After successful customer identification SEB sends the company internet bank user name, last name and personal code.

4. The company compares the information received with data stored in its own system. If the information matches, the company grants access to company's web site protected section to the client.

You can apply to e-Link service by submitting application at internet bank. For more information about e-Link service, please, write us to ecommerce@seb.lv.

To connect to the e-Link service, you will require:

  • Your company current accountat SEB bank;
  • e-Link service agreement with SEB bank;
  • Programming operationsto be made at your company IT system in accordance with the specification of the service;

Technical implementation sample:

JAVA and PHP e-Link message signing examples

e-Link technical specification

Contact technical support at: ecommerce@seb.lv, tel. +371 26668777

  In force from In force to
Online merchant application form
In force
e-Link Terms and Conditions
In force
e-Link (e-Payment) agreement
In force
e-Link (e-Identification) agreement
In force
Application for Changes to e-Link agreement
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Services Fees
   •  using the e-Link 2% of transaction amount, min 0.14 EUR per transaction
   •  registration of the e-Link 50.00 EUR
   •  changes to the e-Link agreement 20.00 EUR
   •  using the e-Link 0.08 EUR for each transaction (plus VAT), min. 50.00 EUR per month (plus VAT 10.50 EUR)
   •  registration of the e-Link 50.00 EUR (plus VAT 10.50 EUR)
   •  changes to the e-Link agreement 20.00 EUR (plus VAT 4.20 EUR)


  • +371 26668777
    +371 67779988

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