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Long term travel insurance

Long term travel insurance

  • All travels of your employees (including job unrelated travels) outside your home country will be insured for up to 180 days a year for a single fee
  • Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvian branch offers help at any time of day
  • By using one of our travel insurance offers on an active holiday trip, receive 40% discount for high risk policy

You can apply for your employee travel insurance via internet bank or at any SEB branch. Before that, you can apply for a consultation with our specialist.

Validity of insurance

180 days a year

The travel insurance policy is valid for 180 days within one year.  During this period, there may be one trip or more.

The term of the policy is one year with the possibility to extend it automatically also to the following year.

The insurance policy will come into force the day after its purchase date.

Territory of insurance

Global coverage

Travel insurance is valid throughout the world outside the home country.*

Preconditions for acquiring insurance

You are the customer of SEB 

To can apply for this travel insurance, if you have a current account as well as a payment card with our bank.

You can buy travel insurance also for other family members or friends who are SEB customers.

You can buy travel insurance policies for the rest of your family. One child up to 7 years of age is included in your policy; therefore, the child would not need an individual policy.

If you or your company’s employee already have Compensa travel insurance, you can buy a policy covering high risks at a 40% discount for the necessary period at any time.

Additional information

Travel insurance will come into force on the date of purchase and upon crossing the national border.*

We provide travel insurance in cooperation with Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvian branch.

You can reach 24-7 via helpline +371 67558888 for help and insurance claims.

* The home country is the country (countries) of nationality, as well as the country with the residence permit. Insurance coverage will come into force upon leaving the relevant home country.

How to receive an insurance indemnity or a guarantee for covering medical expenses?

You can contact Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvian branch at any time of the day to get support and guidance of how to proceed.

Keep all the receipts and documents.

In cases where the insurer's guarantee is required, Compensa will handle the necessary formalities and cover the relevant costs`.

How to get the insurance policy or a copy of it?

Via internet bank

Fill in an application for travel insurance in section Applications.

At SEB branch

You can fill in travel insurance documents at any SEB branch..

How to get a confirmation necessary to obtain a visa?

To obtain a visa, you would need a confirmation that you are covered under a valid travel insurance.

To receive the confirmation, please contact us via internet bank or by calling +371 2666 8777.

What risks are covered under travel insurance for your employees?


34.15 EUR/ p.a.1 Business travel insurance
Insured risk (sums insured, in EUR) – per insured person
Covering of medical expenses in case of unforeseen illness or accident 70 000
Dental treatment expenses 200
Medicīniskais transports 50 000
Transport to homeland for insured person 50 000
Repatriation of the insured in the case of death 5 000
Reimbursement of the coffin expenses 2 000
Personal legal liability abroad 5 000
Death in an accident 20 000
Permanent and complete disability 20 000
Loss of the luggage 1 500
Damage of the luggage 500
Delay of the luggage 200
Temporary flight delays 200


1 The commission fee is payable on the date of conclusion of the contract.


Via Internet Bank

At SEB bank branch

You can also apply for travel insurance at any SEB bank branch.

Services Fees
Travel insurance (per year) 34.15 EUR


The commission fee is payable on the date of conclusion of the contract for each insured person.


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