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Baltic Online

Baltic Online

A service for managing the cash flows of the Baltic States

  • The only prerequisite is the SEB Internet Bank for Business contract in one Baltic State
  • A real-time overview of the company's finances via Internet Bank
  • A possibility to originate transfers from the SEB Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania SEB current accounts via the Internet Bank for Business of one Baltic State

Baltic Online is a simple and convenient service that allows you to promote your business and manage the finances of your company in real time in each of the Baltic States. To add SEB accounts located in Estonia and Lithuania to the Internet Bank for Business, contact your client executive. For more information call + 371 26668777.

  • You only need one SEB Internet Bank for Business contract.
  • A centralised real-time overview of the Baltic SEB current accounts in the SEB Internet Bank for Business.
  • You can view and manage all your own accounts / accounts of your subsidiaries in the SEB Baltic banks in real time.
  • You can make transfers from the accounts of SEB in all three Baltic States via the Internet Bank for Business of SEB Latvia.
  • Allows for consolidating the monitoring the payments and receipts of the Baltic companies into one country.
  • You can view and make transfers from the SEB current accounts located in other Baltic countries. For example, a business client of SEB Latvia can view and make transfers from SEB current accounts located in Estonia and Lithuania.
  • Possibility to authorise other companies in the Baltic States to view and use the SEB current accounts located in Latvia.
  • When you join the Baltic Online service, you will immediately see the financial history of the last three months.

The users of Baltic Online can be granted the following rights:

  • view your account balance;
  • view your receipts;
  • view the payments made;
  • make transfers.

Functionality of the service in your Internet Bank for Business

Overview of current accounts

Notifications of transactions on your account

You can view also the current accounts of SEB Estonia and Lithuania.

The bank holding the account will send an automatic notification to the user about every movement on the account.

The bank statement service has also been added.

Initiation of transfer orders

Notification of invalid transfer orders

It is also possible to originate domestic, SEPA and international payments from the current accounts in Estonian and Lithuanian SEB banks.

In case of failed transfer orders, a notification will be sent to the mailbox in the Internet Bank together with the reason for the failure.


  • The fee for entry into and amendment of the contract, as well as the monthly maintenance fee, are charged according to the price list of the company that manages the current accounts of SEB Baltic branches in their local Internet Bank for Business. These fees are paid, for example, by the parent company that sees the accounts of the subsidiary in their Internet Bank for Business.
  • Commission fees for the payments are charged at the location bank of the account. For example, the commission fee for the transfer orders originated from the account of a subsidiary is paid by the respective subsidiary that has authorised its parent company to manage its accounts in the framework of the Baltic Online service.

The commission fees of Baltic Online in the section Internet Bank for Business.


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    +371 67779988

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