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At the very beginning of your cooperation with SEB bank, when you open your company’s current account, you have at your disposal the widest money transfer possibilities within Latvia and abroad. Using the internet bank, your daily money transfers will be fast, convenient and especially beneficial.

  • Intrabank payments

    Intrabank payments

    Intrabank payments in euro or any other foreign currency between your accounts or to accounts of other clients of SEB bank are the fastest and the most available transfers as they are immediately performed at any time including holidays and days off. Using the payment templates prepared by the bank you will save your time and always be sure that your transfer’s data input is correct.

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  • European payments

    European payments

    According to the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) you can make quick and easy payments in euros via internet bank to other banks in Latvia and Europe (28 EU Member States as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino and Andorra).

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  • Cross-border payments

    Cross-border payments

    Cross-border payments are transfers to foreign banks in any currency in which the SEB bank makes transactions, as well as transfers in foreign currencies to other banks in Latvia. Becoming an SEB customer, your company will be able to enjoy all the SEB group benefits in 21 country.

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  • Standing Orders

    Standing Orders

    If you regularly transfer fixed amounts to the same recipient, you can enable a service of regularly payments. Thus, the Bank itself will make the payment for you and everything you need is just to have the necessary amount at your company's account as of the date of the payment.  

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  • E-commerce


    E-commerce payments are an everyday necessity for a modern company and its clients. That is why we offer a varied range of possibilities of payment for internet services. Using your payment card or SEB internet bank, you will see the real speed, safety and transparency of your settlements in the internet.

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  • E-invoice with automated standing order

    E-invoice with automated standing order

    E-invoice with automated standing order is the best solution for the settlement of regular invoices with variable amounts. Using this service, you authorize SEB bank to pay for services from your account according to e-invoices issued by the companies providing such services.

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  • Forwarding of e-invoices to the bank

    Forwarding of e-invoices to the bank

    E-invoices is a service allowing your clients to obtain their e-invoices at SEB internet bank with a possibility to enable their automatic payment that will ensure a timely payment for your invoices as well.

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  • SEPA direct debit payments

    SEPA direct debit payments

    Standing order invoice payments at SEB bank are also available for SEPA payments in any country of the European Union, as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Monaco.

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  • Baltic Online

    Baltic Online

    Baltic Online is a simple and convenient service that allows you to promote your business and manage the finances of your company in real time in each of the Baltic States.

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