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Uzņēmējiem - 2021 03 10
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An automated and sustainable solution for sending and receiving company invoices

An automated and sustainable solution for sending and receiving company invoices Foto: Helena Lopes, Unsplash

One of the most effective ways for a business to improve cash flow and automation while conserving natural resources and ensuring sustainability is to replace traditional paper invoices with electronic invoices.

Digital solutions are becoming increasingly important

Regular analysis of the business climate and comparison of the results before the Covid-19 pandemic and now suggests that digitalisation has gained importance in the opinion of Baltic small and medium-sized enterprises. Within a few months, from April to June, the share of companies that consider digitalisation important has increased by almost 10 per cent.

It is apparent that not only experienced companies want to use e-solutions, but also more and more those for whom this is a completely new development direction and who generally still use relatively few digital channels in the company.

More than half of the companies surveyed by SEB do not yet offer their goods or services online, and many do not yet see the benefits of such a transformation. The DESI index also shows that our entrepreneurs are not taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies. In this respect, we are almost at the bottom of the league among EU Member States.

E-invoicing saves costs for the company and its customers

The cost of a paper invoice includes the price of the envelope, the printing of the invoice itself, and postage. Furthermore, this process is time consuming. Sending a single invoice is easy, but if you have a large number of paper invoices, it can take up a significant amount of time and money. Some of the costs are also borne by the invoice recipient. For example, when an invoice is sent to a company, an employee of the company must confirm the order and enter the invoice data into the accounting system.

Conversely, the cost of sending an electronic or e-invoice is minimal, and the time and effort required to receive, process, and pay the invoice is less. Everything is done digitally, as the creation and sending of an e-invoice is done through the recipient's preferred channel (e.g., to internet bank or via email). Once the invoice is received, it can be paid through internet bank and then loaded directly into the accounting system, which significantly speeds up the accounting processes.

E-invoice portal

Recently, in cooperation with one of the leading e-invoice operators Unifiedpost, SEB created a new e-invoice portal, which provides our customers with an advanced and simple system for sending and receiving e-invoices.

Ragnar Tomla, Head of Open Banking in the Baltic countries at SEB, explains that the partnership with Unifiedpost will enable the bank to offer its customers a wider range of services than before: "By adding account management to SEB internet bank, our customers will be able to increase the bank's efficiency and reduce risks. We believe that by working with the best service providers, we can offer our customers services that are understandable and easy to use.”

Use of the service as needed by the company

The invoice management solution created in cooperation with Unifiedpost is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses willing to make the process of sending and receiving invoices more efficient. Companies willing to use the e-invoice portal have the option to choose the service plan that suits them best, i.e., Basic plan or Premium plan.

The Basic plan is suitable for businesses that send a small number of invoices (the plan provides for the free sending of five invoices per month). The plan also provides for other services and advantages:

  • Invoice preparation tool
  • Delivery of invoices to customers through various channels: via the portal, e-mail address, SEB internet bank, Peppol network, and e-mail
  • Possibility to receive an unlimited number of invoices.
  • Invoices sent to the company are duplicated in the SEB internet bank
  • Customer database
  • Archive

The Premium plan, on the other hand, is suitable for companies that send more than five invoices per month. This plan is particularly useful if invoices are sent to internet banks of other banks. At EUR 6 per month, excluding VAT, the Premium plan includes all the services of Basic Plan and additional benefits:

  • Delivery of invoices to customers through additional channels: to the accounting system, the internet banks of other banks (coming soon).
  • Uploading and downloading of files
  • Automatic data exchange (API), i.e., an automatic connection between the accounting system and the portal.
  • Personalisation of invoices with the company’s logo.

Getting started

To start using the e-invoicing portal, select the appropriate plan, log in to the e-invoicing portal, and send and receive invoices
Log in to the e-invoice portal

If you are not yet an SEB business customer, you can easily open an account and sign all necessary agreements during a video meeting.

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