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SMS bank

SMS bank

Information about your personal finance in your mobile phone

  • Information about any changes in your account balance at your request
  • Easy to use and always with you
  • SMS service available 24 hours a day or at specified time

Make your mobile phone even more functional- activate SMS bank! Be aware of your account balance at any time, receive messages when your salary is transferred, as soon as money has been deposited in your account, or monitor your expenses, for example, make sure that the payment corresponds to the purchase price when paying with your payment card. Service telephone of SMS bank – 8777 (Bite, LMT, Tele2, TRIATEL).

SMS bank is available to owners of all kind of mobile phones who have subscribed to LMT, Tele2, Bite or Triatel or use the following prepaid cards: OKarte, Zelta Zivtiņa, BiFri and Amigo. SMS bank service telephone number – 8777.

SMS bank offers such opportunities

  • To receive informative messages about any changes in the account – about incoming and outgoing transactions. The message will contain the information about the transaction value and your account balance after this particular operation.
  • To receive messages only about the incoming money – the message will inform you about the value received, the payer, and the balance of your account after the money is deposited.
  • To find out the balance of account at your request
  • To get to know currency exchange rates at your request
  • To receive free of charge reminders and the newest information regarding various banking services – expiration of validity of your card, scheduled credit payments, as well as information about new products and special offers.

For more convenient use of SMS bank you can

  • Reduce the amount of messages by indicating the limit of changes in your account on what you want to receive information (for example, starting from 1, 5 or 20 EUR);
  • State the time period when you want to receive messages– for example, from 8 o'clock till 20 o'clock;
  • Deactivate SMS bank while traveling or on holiday;
  • Save in your mobile phone both a template of the message to be sent and SMS bank service telephone number.

How to receive messages about the changes in accounts?

When signing up for SMS bank, in the application form indicate which informative messages you want to receive – about any changes in your account, about incoming money or both these options. As soon as any of selected activities happen, the Bank will automatically send you a message.

How to send a message requesting the information about the balance of account?

In order to receive information about all your accounts connected to SMS bank, send a message with a text ATL or BAL. In case you are looking for information about a specific account, send a message with a text ATL or BAL and after a space indicate the account number, for example, ATL LV55UNLAXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Send the message to the SMS bank service telephone number 8777 (in Bite, LMT, Tele2, TRIATEL networks).

How to send a message requesting the information about currency exchange rates?

Send a message with a text VAL or RATE – as a response you will get a message with SEB Exchange rates for selling and buying currencies along with the EUR, USD, GBP and RUB exchange rates of the Bank of Latvia. In order to get to know the exchange rate of any particular currency, send a message with a text VAL or RATE, and after the space indicate the code of relevant currency. For example, VAL EUR. Send the message to SMS bank service telephone number 8777 (in Bite, LMT, Tele2, TRIATEL networks).

What to do if your mobile phone number has changed?

If you are a client of SMS bank and you want to change the mobile phone number used by SMS bank, please hand in an application at any SEB bank's branch. More convenient way is to edit your data at SEB bank's Internetbanka at www.ibanka.lv!

How to deactivate SMS bank service while traveling or on holiday?

In order to suspend the services of SMS bank, send a message ATSL or OFF to the SMS bank service telephone number. To activate the service again, send a message with a text IESL or ON. If your mobile phone has an international subscription, you can use SMS bank abroad as well.

The fastest and most convenient way to activate SMS bank is to visit SEB bank's Internetbank. At SEB Internetbank you can always edit the relevant information, such as your telephone number, the time when you want to receive messages etc.

If you have electronic signature, you can sign up for the SMS bank electronically by sending the application form which you can find below to the e-mail info@seb.lv (more information about virtual signature at www.eparaksts.lv).

You can also activate SMS bank by filling in the application form at any SEB bank's branch. The service is free of charge and after submitting the application form, your accounts are immediately connected with SMS bank.

SMS bank's application form (LAT)

Apply for a free of charge consultation with SEB experts

Services Fees
Connection to the system Free of charge
Servicing per month Free of charge
Each message received1 0.13 EUR
Each message received to Customer Benefit Programme members1 0.09 EUR



1 Calculated commission for the received SMS messages is subtracted once a month - for the previous month.


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