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Internet bank

Internet bank

Convenient and simple financial resource management system on the internet

  • A handy way of managing various financial deals not considering the bank's working hours
  • Payment processing within the framework of SEB bank – 24 hours a day
  • Information about your finances is always available

Choose the payment type that is the friendliest to the environment! In order to make money transfers, check your account's balance, receive information about loans, pay your phone bills or pay your tuition fees you don't have to make all the way to the bank.

You can conveniently, safely and beneficially manage your financial resources with the help of SEB Internetbank online. SEB Internetbank provides 24 hour access to your account, an opportunity to make payments and get information about your finances from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. The service range provided in the Internetbank is constantly improved by adapting to customer needs.

Starting now it is possible to use the virtual e-signature for signing any SEB bank's application forms

  • Internetbank news - 2016 06 22

    A New Possibility for 3rd Pension Pillar Participants

    Now 3rd Pension Pillar participants have the possibility to concurrently register several indicated persons in their internet bank, who, in the case of the death of the participant, are eligible to receive a share of the accumulated private pension capital.

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  • Internetbank news - 2016 02 18

    LMT prepaid card daily bonus

    Add at least three euros to LMT prepaid card and get your daily bonus.

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SEB Internetbank offers almost all banking services – you can make payments, receive information about any transactions in your account, control your Current Account, the status of deposits and loans as well as apply for other bank's services. It is the most convenient and beneficial way of communicating with the bank – SEB Internetbank provides 24 hour access to your account from anywhere in the world where you have internet connection. There are the lowest commission fees on bank's services in Internetbank!

What can I do through SEB Internetbank?

  • In Internetbank you ca make both Domestic and International payments and follow up their status.
  • Payments with the maximum day's limit of 1 500 EUR or equivalent in other currency Internetbank's user can make by using Internetbank's code card. When making daily payments with larger amounts, the code calculator – digipass has to be used.
  • In SEB Internetbank you can gain information about all your transactions – account's balance, performed payments by card, deposits and loans, leasing, investments and deals with securities as well as information about other services. By signing up for the SMS bank, you will also receive texts about incoming and out coming payments on your mobile phone.
  • It is possible to apply for several bank's services through Internetbank. You can open Securities Account and perform actions with "Eiro rezerves fonds" and SEB investment funds, apply for pension levels 2 and 3, form Regular and Automatic payments, make changes in them as well as form deposit and top-up mobile phone pay as you go cards.
  • You can also create frequently used payment forms and Regular payment orders, that will automatically be performed by the bank in your chosen regularity.
  • The personal Internetbank's data (user code, password and authorisation code) provided for SEB Internetbank's users, can also be used for receiving e-services from other companies and also when shopping online.
    List of currently available e-services for the users of SEB Internetbank
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  • The range of services offered in the SEB Internetbank is constantly being improved according to customer needs. You will receive news and answers to your questions in your Internetbank's mailbox.

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The bank has created a multi-level data security system for your financial safety

You can be assured about the safety of your financial matters when using SEB Internetbank – Internetbank's multi-level data security system protects against unauthorized access to your account:

  • every user has own, personal user code, password, access and authorization codes;
  • you are able to determine transfer limits for each account. Bank's set standard is 750 EUR for one operation and 1 500 EUR per day. If you would like to make payments outreaching the stated amounts, you are required to have digipass.
  • for higher security, SEB bank offers electronic authorization tool – digipass – electronic device that generates Internetbank's access and authorization codes, thus granting especially high security level;
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  • Internetbank's working session is automatically terminated if you haven't performed any activities within a 10 minute time period.

Practical advice for safe work within Internetbank

When using Internetbank we recommend remembering the following suggestions:

  • do not share user code, password and other identification information with unauthorized personnel;
  • keep Internetbank's authorization information – code card and digipass – in a secure location!
  • do not change password while using Internetbank in a public place (for instance, internet cafe). When using Internetbank in a public space, be aware of suspicious activity nearby;
  • do not choose a password that can be easily guessed, for instance, a password that is associated with your or your relative names or personal data;
  • choose different password for each service provider;
  • change password, if you have doubts that someone has guessed it;
  • do not send identification data by e-mail. Do not answer e-mail letters that appear to be sent on behalf of the bank, asking you to send your identification data (user code, passwords, access codes, PIN codes, passport data) or other personal information. If in doubt about an e-mail with such information, you have an option of calling SEB Client Center at +371 26668777 and make sure that the information you have received, is accurate;
  • when starting work with Internetbank, you have a chance to make sure that you are using officially registered and certified Internetbank's internet page; make sure about the safety of the established connection;
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  • when exiting Ibank, always press button "Finish work";
  • when shopping on the internet, choose only reliable companies;
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  • make sure that your computer is equipped with anti-virus software;
  • if you have doubts that your identification data has become known to unauthorized people, please contact SEB bank in order to block your Internetbank (the fastest way to do so is by entering incorrect Internetbank's password 5 times).

What should I do in case I have lost my Internetbank's code card or digipass?

  • In order to block Internetbank's code card or digipass please immediately contact SEB bank's Client Service Center by calling +371 26668777 (24 hours a day, every day) or "First Data Latvia" by calling 67092555 (24 hours a day, every day).
  • Remember that outside SEB bank Client Center's working hours the quickest way to block access to your internet bank is by entering wrong Internetbank's password, Internetbank's access code or the access code generated by the digipass five times in a row.

In order to become a user of Internetbank, you have to fill in Internetbank's application form. You can do it in any SEB bank's branch.

Internetbank is activated free of charge and you will not have to pay the subscription fee as well, moreover, commission fees on money transfers are considerably lower than at branches. You can also access Internetbank by using any of the Internetbank's terminals in SEB bank's branches or outside the bank's premises. Welcome to www.ibanka.lv!

Internetbank's application form

Services Fees
Customer's registration Free of charge
Servicing per month Free of charge
Code Card issuance Free of charge
Code Card replacement 2.00 EUR
Digipass issuance1 15.00 EUR
Digipass replacement 15.00 EUR
Digipass unlocking 2.00 EUR


Using the Code Card, the user must take into account the standard limits of operations set by SEB banka. One operation limit is 750 EUR or its equivalent in another currency. One - day maximally permissible operations limit (per each account) is 1 500 EUR or its equivalent in another currency. One operation limit may be increased up to the one - day maximally permissible operations limit, if required.

To change the operation limits, please fill out the application in Ibank menu Applications or go to the nearest branch of SEB banka.



1 For Customer Benefit Programme's Silver and Gold club customers issue of Digipass for reduced fees.

Learn more about security: seb.lv/eng/security


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