Internet banking - Ibanka

At home or in the office, in the park or at the beach – as far as the internet reaches, so too can ibanka be accessed. It is SEB bank's internet bank which, for your convenience, is open 24 hours a day.

You are welcome to visit SEB bank's internet bank: ibanka –

Special Offerings

Digipass - for security of your transactions in Ibanka

For higher security of transactions in Ibanka, we invite you to use the electronic code calculator – digipass.Read more

More convenience for your time management!

You can now apply for all of your payment cards more quickly and efficiently without leaving your home or office, by using SEB banka internet bank.Read more

About Ibanka

I want the Ibanka connection!

To become a user of the Ibanka, please complete the application in any SEB banka Client Service Center.

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How to start using Ibanka?

Explore the options offered by Ibanka and find out how to start using it with the help of Ibanka user manuals and Ibanka demo version. Read more

Services of the Ibanka

Thanks to ibanka it is possible to do almost everything that can be done in a bank – receive information about any transactions in the account, make payments, check the current account and the status of deposits and loans, as well as apply for banking services.Read more


A multilevel security system guards your account against access by unauthorized parties, You have the ability to ascertain the identity...

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