Currency and Money Market Transactions

SEB banka offers its clients the opportunity to engage in various currency transactions in order to guard against potential negative currency market fluctuations.

You may exchange currencies either at our Client Service Centers, or by telephone to the SEB banka currency dealers, if the transaction amount exceeds 7,000 LVL. If you have questions about the direction of the foreign exchange markets, our financial market experts will provide the necessary consultations. Additionally, the SEB banka financial products sales specialist will consult with you about the available financial market options and their applicability to your needs.



The essence of the Spot transaction is the exchange of one currency against another within the same day. Read more


Forward is a currency exchange transaction, where you make a commitment to exchange...Read more


Swap is the simultaneous conclusion of two currency exchange transactions.Read more


The essence of options - the right to buy or sell currencies or securities at a specific time for a predertmined price.Read more


Forward Rate Agreement (FRA) is an agreement about future interest rates on a loan or a deposit. Read more


Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) - an agreement to exchange a variable interest rate against a fixed one or vice versa for a specified period of time. Read more