Internet bank for business - Ibank Business

Convenient and overall bank channel for a company

  • A handy way to manage various financial matters
  • Coincides with accounting software
  • A possibility to set limits and rights for users

Ibank Business is expressly designed for entrepreneurs, company managers and employees. Ibank Business coincides with various accounting software, allows administration of user rights and offers other possibilities. It adapts to the changing needs of companies by adding new services regularly.
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SEB Ibank Business advantages

  • With Ibank Business you can perform banking operations and get information about your company finances 24 hours a day anywhere in the world with internet access, be it at your office or your vacation destination.
  • Ibank Business is compatible with accounting software that will make your company's everyday operations easier. It is possible to import previously prepared payment orders from your accounting software directly into the internet bank and save account statements from internet bank in the format you need for use with your accounting software.
  • Company manager has an option of determining which employees and to what extent are authorized to operate company accounts as well as set access limits to every user. For instance, if some employee has the "processing rights", this employee is only allowed to process payment forms.
  • You have a possibility to use double authorization option – in this case the payment will need two signatures to be authorized.
  • For security of your transactions Ibank Business allows you to set transaction limits for one operation, as well as daily operation limits.
  • The assigned user rights are easily accessible and foreseeable. You can make the necessary changes to user rights using Ibank Business.
  • If you are using the internet bank both as a corporate employee and a private individual, then you have the possibility to use the same authorisation tool for all of your internet-banking users. By linking to the same authorisation tool, you will automatically have the option to switch, i.e. switching among the internet-banking user profiles, without the need to separately input the internet-banking login data for each user.
  • Every employee accesses company internet bank with individualized personal user code and password. You can always check, which employee made the payment or entered into an agreement.

Ibank Business provides your company with a wide range of financial management possibilities

  • With Ibank Business you can make both domestic and international payments and follow how they are processed.
  • Every Ibank Business user can make payments with maximum limit of 1500 EUR or equivalent in another currency using Ibank Business code card. If you need to make daily payments with bigger limits, you can use code calculator digipass.
  • You can make inquiries about information about account transactions, account balance, deposits, loans, leases, investments and securities as well as other services.
  • Ibank Business allows you to sign up for various banking services. You can open securities safekeeping account and perform transactions with "Eiro rezerves fonds", as well as SEB investment funds, sign up for regular automatic payments as well as make changes and open deposit account.
  • Ibank Business is compatible with accounting software. For the convenience of employees Ibank Business allows to import pre-prepared payment orders directly from company's accounting software by sending these orders for execution simultaneously or in batches. For instance, you can make salary payments directly from your accounting software, by importing pre-prepared payroll of people who receive salaries. You also have a possibility to save account statements for a particular time period and import it into your company's accounting software.
  • You can create frequently used payment forms in Ibank Business, as well as create Regular payment orders, that the bank will execute automatically with the regularity that you can determine. You can also authorize the payment even if there is not enough money in the account, by choosing "Wait for Money" mode.
  • Ibank Business offers authorization with two signatures – if the company has the two-step authorization, every payment should be authorized by two people.
  • Using internet-banking, you have the possibility to switch between your private and corporate internet-banking user profiles. The same also refers to switching between the internet-banking profiles of several companies, without the need to input internet-banking login data for each profile separately.
  • To conform to the needs of companies, Ibank Business updates the services regularly. You will receive news and answers to your questions in Ibank mailbox.

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Ibank Business vocabulary
Frequently asked questions
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Digipass instructions for use

Descriptions of use

Importing of payment orders

Using Ibank Business you can import payment orders in the following formats: ISO, XML (FIDAVISTa), TXT, CSV, DBF and XLS.

As of 1 April 2016, it will no longer be possible to import payment orders in DBF and XLS formats, including the import of the salary beneficiaries list. During the transitional period (from 1 October 2015 to 1 April 2016), please check whether your company uses DBF or XLS formats, and for your future operation, select any other of the offered formats (such as ISO, XML (FiDAViSta), TXT or CSV), which is supported by your accounting system.


Account statements export

As of 1 April 2016, it will no longer be possible to export account statements in DBF format, as well as the content of the transaction type field will be changed in the account statement formats CSV and XML (FiDAViSta), whereas the name field will be filled-in to files in TXT format. During the transitional period (from 1 October 2015 to 1 April 2016), please check your accounting systems to ascertain that the import of account statements in the new formats occurs correctly.

Changes in export format transaction fields

For more information, contact the developer of your accounting software.

The bank has created a multi-level data security system for your financial safety

You can be assured about the safety of your financial matters when using SEB Ibank Business – Ibank's multi-level data security system protects against unauthorized access to your account:

  • every user has own, personal user code, password, access and authorization codes;
  • for higher security, SEB bank offers electronic authorization tool – digipass – electronic device that generates Ibank access and authorization codes, thus granting especially high security level; Read more about digipass
  • you can authorize use to any employee, who has the right to access Ibank Business, as well as set limits for transfers via each account;

Ibank work session is automatically terminated, if you are not using Ibank for 10 minutes.

Practical advice for safe work with internet bank

When using Ibank Business services, we suggest you keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • do not share user code, password and other identification information with unauthorized personnel;
  • keep Ibank authorization information – code card and digipss – in a secure location!
  • do not change password while using Ibank in a public place (for instance, internet cafe). When using Ibank in a public space, be aware of suspicious activity nearby;
  • do not choose a password that can be easily guessed, for instance, a password that is associated with your or your relative names r personal data;
  • choose different password for each service provider;
  • change password, if you have doubts that someone has learned it;
  • do not send identification data by e-mail. Do not answer e-mail letters that appear to be sent on behalf of the bank, asking you to send your identification data (user code, passwords, access codes, PIN codes, passport data) or other personal information. If in doubt about an e-mail with such information, you have an option of calling SEB Client Center at 8777 and make sure that the information you have received, is accurate;
  • when starting work with Ibank, you have a chance to make sure that you are using officially registered and certified Ibank Business internet page; make sure about the safety of the established connection; Read more 
  • when exiting Ibank, always press button "Finish work";
  • when shopping on the internet, choose only reliable companies;
  • make sure that your computer is equipped with anti-virus software;
  • if you have doubts that your identification data has become known to unauthorized people, please contact SEB bank or your computer systems administrator.

What to do it Ibank code card or digipass is lost?

  • To block Ibank code card or digipass, please contact SEB Client Center by calling 8777 immediately.
  • To register Ibank code card or digipass blocking outside SEB Client Center's working hours, please, call SIA "First Data Latvia" 24/7 service number 67092555.
  • Remember that outside SEB bank Client Center's working hours the quickest way to block access to your internet bank is by entering wrong Ibank password or Ibank access code five times in a row.

To become the user of Ibank Business, please, fill out Ibank application at any SEB branch. Joining Ibank Business is free of charge, besides commission for transactions are considerably lower than if performed in branches. You can access Ibank by using Ibank terminals in any SEB branch, as well as outside the bank. Welcome to!

Ibank Business application


Customer's registration

Free of charge

Servicing per month

Depending on the tariff plan chosen by the client (See below)

Code Card issuance

Free of charge

Code Card replacement

EUR 1.42

Digipass issuance

EUR 12.81/Free of charge 1

Digipass NANO issuance

EUR 21.34

Baltic Online connection

EUR 15.08

Baltic Online servicing per month:

  • one country (Estonia or Lithuania)

EUR 10.10

  • two countries (Estonia and Lithuania)

EUR 15.08

Performing changes to Baltic Online

EUR 10.10


Servicing of Ibanka Bussiness (depending on the tariff plan chosen by the client)

Basic tariff

Balanced tariff

Active tariff

Ibanka Business servicing per month:

  • not-using the Entrepreneurs package

Free of charge

EUR 5.69

EUR 9.96

  • using the Entrepreneurs package

START - EUR 3.56 2

S - EUR 6.40/

Free of charge 3

M - EUR 9.25/

Free of charge 3

L - EUR 13.52/

Free of charge 3

Using the Code Card, the users must take into account the standard limits of operations set by SEB banka. One operation limit for each user is EUR 750 or its equivalent in another currency. One-day maximally permissible operations limit for each user (per each account) is EUR 1 500 or its equivalent in another currency. One operation limit may be increased up to the one-day maximally permissible operations limit, if required.

To change the operation limits, please fill out the application in Ibank menu Applications or go to the nearest branch of SEB banka.



1 Applying for the Entrepreneurs package (START, S, M, L) issue of one Digipass – Free of charge.

2 In the first year EUR 3.56, in the second year – automatically transferred to the Package S.

3 If the client uses Ibanka Business and Telebanka.